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Judge Vid Mijatović

The Right Honourable Knighted Lord
Judge Vid Mijatović

Mijatović c. 2011

31st Chamber Judge of the House Chamber

Assumed office
1 March 2010


Rose I

Prime Ministers

Mara Genovesi
Benito de Marco

Junior Judge

Vittoria Marcelo

Preceded by

Gaspar Beauchemin

Deputy Senior Judge of the
National Assembly

In office
10 July 2007 - 29 November 2008

Common Judge

Albano Zetticci
Marino Colombo

Preceded by

Emanuel Loveren

Succeeded by

Basilio Buccho

Deputy Junior Judge of the
National Assembly

In office
9 September 2005 - 10 July 2007

Common Judge

Albano Zetticci

Preceded by

Emanuel Loveren

Succeeded by

Basilio Buccho

Personal Details


2 December 1965 (age 54)
LinkKorčula, LinkCroatia, Eritei


Valitinia Vasucci (m. 1991)


Davor Mijatović-Vasucci
Jasminea Mijatović-Vasucci

Full Name:
Vid Luka Mijatović


Zvonko Mijatović


Anđelka Mijatović


University of Milan
- BSc in Science and Technology
- MA in Political Science


LinkCroatian, Eturian, LinkItalian




"Early in life I wanted to be a scientist, study the natural flow of machines. I also took a degree in Political Science, thought it would be fun. Turns out I ditched science and went for politics, got a job as an understudy in the National Assembly, and it all went from there. Moral is, follow your heart, but keep watch for other opportunities, your study can always change for the better."
- Vid Mijatović, talking to the 2012 graduating class of Maritime High School Zadar

Judge Vid Luka Mijatović (2 December 1965) is the Chamber Judge of the House Chamber. He currently sits through his second term as Judge, already a long time as is, as most Judge's do not spend two terms as Judge. He is also the second Croatian to serve as Chamber Judge, and first LinkAtheist.

Mijatović was born in the small town of LinkKorčula, in southern LinkCroatia. He was the only son to Zvonko and Anđelka Mijatović. He got the highest grades of his entire town during his childhood, and graduated with highest honours from his high school, and earning himself a full payed scholarship to the University of Milan. He origionally studied in Science and Techology, however switched his major to Political Science halfway through his study. After graduating, he got a job as an understudy in the National Assembly. A few years later, Mijatović became the Deputy Junior Judge (DJJ) of the National Assembly, then two years later became Deputy Senior Judge (DSJ). Two years after resigning as DSJ, he was invited by Empress Rose I to become the Chamber Judge of the House Chamber. Mijatović became the 31st Chamber Judge, the second Croatian to be Chamber Judge, and the first LinkAtheist to be Chamber Judge.

Early Life

Mijatović was born on December 2, 1965, to Zvonko and Anđelka Mijatović, as an only child. Mijatović was a calm kid, his parents saying that they could simply lay him down and he'd be fine. He grew up comfortably, with his parents holding up good jobs, however that meant that his parents were always away from home during the day. This meant that he also grew up with his aunt, Vanja Jozić, and her children, who came over as well. Mijatović also grew up with a fascination for technology, he was baffled as a child about all the technology that was around him, and watched new ones pop into existence around him (even if it wasn't that quickly that it happened).

When Mijatović went to school, he never really became a popular kid. He was always more interested in what the teacher was doing or what classwork they were doing. He was always focused in his study, even as a child (though not as much). When he attended high school, Mijatović always scored high 90's. He was always focused in his studies, however he also made friends and sometimes didn't focus a lot, yet still gained high marks. When he graduated high school, he was on the honours roll, and he was also elected as valedictorian for the school. Mijatović was the first student from his school to receive the grades he did, and he was also offered a full-paid scholarship to the University of Milan. Mijatović accepted, and even though his Eturian was still somewhat shaky at the time, he packed up his things, and headed to Milan.


When Mijatović first arrived in Milan, he was stunned. He had never left his hometown, and so has also never seen a big city before. Mijatović started his time in Milan by learning Eturian, with language classes for him also payed for by the university. He picked up the language fairly quickly, and flew through his first year with ease.

Although he was invested in his studies, Mijatović also began to party with other students. He went to a number of parties yet still somehow always had extremely high grades. It was at one of these parties that he met (his now wife) Valitinia Vasucci. Vasucci and Mijatović became fast friends, and started dating only 6 months after meeting.

Mijatović originally started his major in Science and Technology, however he also took a course in Political Science, since he thought it would be interesting. He eventually became more interested in politics than technology, so halfway through his study he switched his major to Political Science. Only 5 years after entering university, in 1987, he graduated summa cum laude and as valedictorian for his graduating class.

Political Career

A year after graduating from university, and working as a barista, Mijatović landed a job as an understudy in the National Assembly. His job was to simply deliver messages, help politicians understand things, and escort out rowdy politicians. This was the start of his career, although not nice, it was better than what he was doing before, and part of his job was to learn from the politicians and be able to copy them to become a politician himself. Mijatović slowly gained more respect in the National Assembly, already making political favours as he could, and even becoming Head Secretary for Matters of the Assembly.

In 1991, he married his long time girlfriend, Valitinia Vasucci, and just one year later, had his first child, Davor Mijatović-Vasucci. He was known as a family man, taking some time off from his work to help his wife, who had recently been laid off from her job. A year after that, Mijatović had a second child, Jasminea Mijatović-Vasucci. He took more time off to help, however was forced to return to the National Assembly or risk losing his job.

Whilst as an understudy and secretary, he caught the attention of previous Common Judge Olinto Boni. He liked Mijatović, and after being elected out, informed the new Judge, Albano Zetticci, about his likings for Mijatović. Zetticci also grew a liking for Mijatović, and in 2005, offered him the position of Deputy Junior Judge of the National Assembly (DJJ). Mijatović accepted the offer, leaving his post as secretary to become DJJ. As DJJ, he simply assisted both the Deputy Senior Judge (DSJ) and the Common Judge, acting more as the messenger of the two.

Two years later, when the DSJ resigned, Zetticci offered Mijatović the position of DSJ. Mijatović accepted, and became DSJ the next month. As DSJ, he often wound up being the temporary Judge, as Zetticci's health was quickly declining in his age. Mijatović, who everyone at first thought wouldn't be able to handle the pressure, was able to control the assembly extremely well, and earned large amounts of praise from the assembly. When Zetticci resigned in 2008, he was replaced by Marino Colombo, who although liked Mijatović, replaced him with another DSJ, offering him the position of DJJ. Mijatović declined however, wanting to do more than return to being the DJJ.

Mijatović searched for jobs in the meantime, again returning to his post as secretary. He was at first thinking of running for the National Assembly, or the House Chamber, or maybe even becoming the Common Judge. However, in late 2009, Mijatović was asked by Empress Rose I to become the Chamber Judge after the election in 2010, as the past Judge, Gaspar Beauchemin, had resigned his post earlier in the year. Mijatović accepted the post, and on March 1, 2010, was sworn in as the 31st Chamber Judge of the House Chamber. This also made him the second Croatian in Eriteian history to serve as Chamber Judge, the only other being Judge Mislav Ivanković in 1840.

Chamber Judge

After becoming Chamber Judge, Mijatović appointed Vittoria Marcelo as his Junior Judge. He was a relatively unknown face in the House Chamber, as he worked primarily with the National Assembly, and really only communicated with the Chamber Lords when it was necessary. He quickly grew in popularity however, as he was able to control the (at the time) out of control House Chamber. Mijatović's appointment as Judge, was extremely popular, including in Croatia, where they felt more represented with a Croatian as Chamber Judge. He is also the first speaker that is LinkAtheist, as all Judge's before hand had been apart of one religion.

Under his Judiciary, Mijatović opened the Junior Judge Program, a program that is aimed at helping the youth of Eritei learn more about not only what it means to be in a leadership position, however also to introduce them to positions (Common Judge, Chamber Judge, as well as politicians) that they would normally not be able to meet. He resides over the program, and helps young Eriteians to learn more about politics and other subjects.

Mijatović was an influential figure in having the 2020 Chamber elections done using a proportional representation system, instead of the traditional direct vote system. He wanted to do it slowly, however he still wanted to see an election change sooner or later.

Second Term

Mijatović had already served one term, however he decided to continue for a second term, and he was allowed to continue as Judge. This made him part of the small amount of Judge's that stayed for two terms, however this made him the first Croatian to serve as Chamber Judge for longer than one decade.

Coat of Arms of Mijatović as Chamber Judge
Public Image

Mijatović has a very public image. Along with the Junior Judge Program, he also makes many public appearances, often meeting with young children, but also with the general public. He also makes a lot of visits to Croatia, as he want's to keep the connection between Croatia and Eritei strong. He also created the youth program, Kids for Parliament, with other Members of Parliament and Chamber Lords. In this program, teenagers are brought into Parliament and act out a day in parliament, as well as giving them opportunities to travel around Eritei and the world.

Mijatović also is known for his visits to the Republic of Croatia, as his position of Chamber Judge allows Eritei and Croatia to strengthen their already strong ties even more. Mijatović was awarded the Order of Duke Trpimir by President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, as he campaigned highly for both stronger relations, and international recognition of the two Croatian states.

Private Life

Mijatović has had a very open life with the public, unlike previous Chamber Judge's. He's been very open in order to show that anyone can become whatever, even a regular person like himself. He does however keep the more private matters of his family out of the picture, like in 2015, when he announced that just two years ago that his wife was having a battle with breast cancer, and survived.

Mijatović has kept away from describing his own political views, saying that he prefers to keep the seat of Judge as a neutral seat, instead of one that simply favours one side of the debate over the other. He has had controversial calls, like letting the Marxist-Leninist Party speak 1 hour longer than allowed, however most of his calls are as neutral as possible.

Mijatović has also written a book, called, "Moj Život Suca" (My Life as Judge) where he talks about not only his time as Chamber Judge, but also his journey to get there, and how the title as second Croatian Judge has affected him.

Personal Trivia

  • Mijatović has never scored below 85 on any school test or project, other than one, where he missed the deadline due to miscommunication

  • Mijatović originally came to Milan with no idea of anything, and had to learn both Eturian (which he knew a little of) and Italian.

  • Mijatović has been named Baron of Korčula, his home town

  • His wife, Vasucci, joined the National Assembly under the Liberal Party after the election in 2008, two years before he became Chamber Judge

  • (as said before) He is the second Croatian to serve as Chamber Judge, first Croatian to serve longer than a decade, and first Atheist to be Chamber Judge

  • Although not shown here, the banner of his Coat of Arms says, "Za neovisnost · Za jedinstvo" (For Independence · For Unity)


Mijatović keeps his political leanings a secret from the public, possibly because the position of Chamber Judge is a neutral position, or possibly because he would rather keep himself separated from allegations due to his political leanings. Either way, it has worked for him, since no one can blame him for liking one party over another, and that he does his job as neutrally as possible.

For & Against

  • For: Democracy, Croatian Identity, Cultural Acceptance, Education

  • Against: Oppression, Hate, Racism, Nationalism


"I started in science, however found out that I liked politics. It turned out great for me, not because I didn't want to do it, but because I did"

"I while ago, I was just a smart kid in Southern Croatia. The next, I'm the Chamber Judge of Eritei"

"You know, I try my hardest, however when people who should be representing the Empress' thoughts are worse than those who are elected to represent the peoples really says something about this here democracy"

"The Honourable Lord that represents the Liberal Ideology must remain seated as the Judge speaks, or be removed from the Chamber! You can shout and shout but the same Liberals represented by my wife are ten times better behaved than this one Honourable Lord is!"

"I don't believe in a God, my parents did, however I don't. What does that mean for me? Nothing. For Eritei? A lot, and I couldn't care less"

"My job is to keep the Chamber Lord's in check, but I'm first a Croatian. Our culture is important to us, so simple political borders won't separate our culture, one that has never once felt different to each other once"

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