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The Saxoslavic Civil War

For hundreds of years, the kings and queens of the House of Wurtten ruled over the lands of Saxoslavia, but in 1597, King Sigismund IV made a grave mistake and passed a law stating that all Protestants living in Saxoslavia would be arrested and killed, At the time Saxoslavia was mainly Catholic, and Protestants only made up 30% of the population but the Protestants revolted and revolted hard. In 1602 the war was still raging on and the Rebels threatened the Royal Capital of Altenberg, and on June 21, the Rebels stormed the Royal Palace, the King tried to escape but was stabbed in the back by Conrad Aneurer, and so the young Sigismund V was crowned in the second biggest city of Praden. With the capital under rebel hands and the Kingdom suffering defeat after defeat, King Sigismund V surrendered to the Protestants in 1605. Some terms of the peace treaty include:

All members of the House Wurtten must convert to Protestantism

Rule 6.6 (the rule saying that protestants will be arrested and killed) shall be repealed

The city of Plockreb shall become an independent nation named "The Free City of Plockreb"

Protestantism shall become the national religion of Saxoslavia (although all Christian and Judaist non-heresies are allowed)

After the conversion of the House Wurtten, everybody across the nation Catholic or Protestant cheered knowing that the future of Saxoslavia was bright.