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Fauzjhia's calendar and moons

Today, I elaborate a bit on Fauzjhia, to give other players an idea about the world identity.

Fauzjhia is the dominating communist country of a planet, named Nhirzsia or Myrcia in english, the other power is Marnady, an anarchic, government by a dangerous leader who call himself the Evil One, and force his population to live in a (libertarian utopia) , while also being the leader of crime syndicate/enslaver organisation. the others countries, who can be capitalists or not, are small, and not powerfull, they stand between Fauzjhia and Marnady, as such, the two countries do not share a frontier.

while Marnady's language is english and their calendar are similar to our, Fauzjhia has an unique language called fauzjhiau, as well as well an unique calendar.
in contrast to the Marnadyan calendar, composed of 12 months, and 365,25 days, Fauzjhia's calendar is composed 365 days of 15 month. each month being composed of 24 days and 5 season, which are each composed of 3 months. While

fauzjhia's Calendar is composed of 5 season, 5 special days, and 1 unique day, being the extra day who appear every 4 years
the Season are winter (izrheire) spring (lunhaizlhen), summer (Aizlhai), Autumn (Auzlhaune) and fall (Lhainizlhen)
Valentine's day, (Rhalenzlhina) is the special day between winter and spring
Myrcia's day, (Nhirzsiana), is the special day between spring and summer
Halloween, (Alauzuuina) is the special day between summer and autumn
Christmas, (Nauzeila) is the special day between autumn and fall
and new year, (Bheirzna) is the special day between fall and winter, as the well as the final day of the calendar.
final, Fauzbhia, is the special day, that only appear once every 4 years, and located between the 1sr and the 2nd month. It is always recognized as an holiday
as such, the calendar goes like this
Winter (Fauzbhia, every 4 years)- Rhalenzlhina, spring- Nhirzsiana, summer - Alauzuuina, autumn - Nauzeila, fall - Bheirzna.
this structure is explained by the fact that Myrcia, take 365,25 day, to complete an orbit around her sun.

Days and months......
Unlike the earth, Myrcia has 23 moons, it used to have 24, but Marnady destroyed arbhjenzluna, and act an which earn them condemnation by the united myrcian nations, however, multiple of those moons much smaller then moon, only Luna with a radius of 1,814.7km is comparable to our own moon, which is 1,737.1 km, the others moons's radius stand between 103km and 170km, and have different, independant orbits. for unknown reason, that still are not discovered by our scientists, our moons have not entered in contact in each others and there are no risk of any crash orbits. arbhjenzluna used to be 112 km radius moon, but not, its nothing remain.
Myrcia's moons list, Luna, Acuazluna, Aicleirzluna, Aurezluna, Chansezluna, Charnhezluna, Cuuleurzluna , Esfhrizluna, Fantaunhzluna. Faureislhzluna
Fenhinilezluna, Ferlhilizluna, Flanhezluna, Jhlasezluna, Lhainizluna, Lheirezluna, Luciaulezluna, Lunhizluna, Nheirzluna, RhenzLuna, Sanzluna, Secsiazluna, Sfhesialzluna

The Orbits of Myrcia moons create an funny coincidence, where everyday a moon will shine at its brightest, although most are very small, and do not have much effect on the effect, unlike luna, Everymoon will get their own day, Except for arbhjenzluna, because it was destroyed, but its remains can still be seen in the sky during its day.
the days in chronological order.
1 Flanhezjuur (FL), 2 Rhenzjuur (RH), 3 aiclerzjuur (AI), 4 faureiszjuur(FA) 5 lheirezjuur(LR), 6 secsiazjuur(SC), 7 acuazjuur (AC) 8 chansezjuur (CS), 9 lhainizjuur(LA), 10 sfhesialzjuur(SF), 11 lunhizjuur(LI), 12 charnezjuur(CN), 13 fanlhaunhzjuur(FL), 14 esfhrizjuur(EF), 15 jhlasezjuur(JS), 16 ferlhizjuur(FR), 17 arbhjhenzjuur(AJ), 18 aurezjuur(AR), 19 nheirzjuur(NR), 20 sanzjuur(SJ), 21 cuuleurzjuur(CL), 22 luciaulezjuur(LC), 23 Lunazjuur (LN), 24 fenhizjuur (FN)..
with 24 unique day and 24 day per month, each month will only ever have 1 of each day, hence why, the 13th or 19th of any month does not exist in Fauzjhia, every lunazjuur will always be the night where Luna is the brightest moon and its always be the 23rd day of the moon. For various reason, it was obversed that no moon shine during some day, hence why those days become special days.

Fauzjhian calandar use this code for each month, 1 FL, 2 RH, 3 AI, 4 FA, 5 LR, 6 SC, 7 AC, 8 CS, 9 LA, 10 SF, 11 LI, 12 CN, 13 FL, 14 EF, 15 JS, 16, FR 17 AJ, 19, AR, 19 NR, 20 SJ, 21, CL, 22 LC, 23 LN, 24 FN... Which for unintended consequence frequent

Each season is broken into 3 months.
Winter contain Alizsiaunha, Nhirzrianha and arhrizla, every 4 years Fauzbhia is held between alizsiaunha and Nhirzrianha
spring is Nhars (NAR), Jufhizsia (JUR) , Salhuznia (SAL)
summer is Juzla (JZL), Nuara (NUR) and bianzra (BIR)
autumn is Nefhzna (NFN), Salhazna (SLA) and Fanzlhauna (FLN)
fall is Aulizrhia (ALA), Jhlazsiana(JLS) and Fauzjhiana (FJA)

and that's all.

Equivalent points between Fauzjhian calandar and Marnady's calandar.. For reference...
Alizsiaunha 1 === January 1
Nhirzrianha 1 === January 25
Salhuznia 1 === February 18
Rhalenzlhina === Mars 12

Nhars 1 === Mars 13
Jufhizsia 1 ==== April 6
Salhuznia 1 === april 30
Nhirzsiana === May 24

Juzla 1 === may 25
Nuara 1 ==== june 18
bianzra 1 === july 12
Alauzuuina === August 5

Nefhzna 1 === august 6
Salhazna 1 === august 30
Fanzlhauna 1=== september 24
Nauzeila ==== obtober 18

Aulizrhia 1 ==== october 19
Jhlazsiana 1 ==== november 13
Fauzjhiana 1 === december 7
Fauzbhia ==== december 31

for exemple. Today, the day i finished this dispatch, it would be the aiclerzjuur of bianzra, 3rd day...