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Tundinan culture (WIP)

The Tundinan people:
Tundians while friendly are blunt, rude and casually use insults (including those of arbitrary characteristics) between one another, a habit they do not drop as tourists or with tourists within the nations borders, they are helpful to visitors to the nation and happy to help though the tactile nature of Tundinan casual interaction (hugs, shoulder patting for comfort) between strangers may be odd to nations where people interact for less physically.
while Tundinans can be suspicious of people beyond the union most may not spot this fact as their friendly questioning may simply come across as concern and kindness.
due to the legality of drinking in public its not-uncommon to spot a few Tundinans in the evenings in various states of intoxication.

Tundinan foods:
Tundinan savoury foods tend to consist off stews frequently heavy in pork and cabbage or simple meals split between a set of meat, potatoes and veg and tend to be relatively simple (and cheap) to prepare.
Tundinan sweet foods tend to mostly consist of traditionally baked cheese cakes, a dizzying variety of biscuits and cookies and simple traditional made jelly with fruit pieces (Gelatin jelly)
Tundinans have a wide variety of alcohols varying from strong honeyed beers to Whiskies and Vodkas;
such as their national beverage "Tundina blue" an alcoholic beverage which includes a mushroom native to Tundina, the mushroom gives the drink its dark blue colouration and is heavily Psychoactive when mixed with ethanol (such as that found in vodka)