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The Coutarica Turlandian Space Force (CTSF)

Ship: Coyote class Corvette

The Coyote is a Multi-Purpose Ship, It can survive leaving and a re-entering the atmosphere, the ship can be used for spying, a targeting system for Surface-to-Surface, ICBMs, Surface-to-Air Missiles, the ship is very fast and that is where it gets the name of 'Coyote', it can also be used as a bomber although it will need to be at the ozone layer or lower, as a multi-purpose ship, it can be used for spying, orbital targeting, it can bombard the enemy but it will have to be done at the ozone layer or lower, the ship can also be equipped with nuclear bombs, missiles, these weapons can be used in space but they cannot survive going to the planet's surface, designs of the Coyote are specialized in air-combat, not space-combat, these models are called the Air-Only Coyotes while the normal versions are the Air-to-Space Coyotes, the Air-Only models are equipped with weapons such as high caliber artillery guns, Air-to-Surface Missile batteries to Nukes, Sea-Mines, Drones and even Rapid-Fire 50mm Cannons with a rate of fire of 100 rounds per second, the Air-Only ones can also carpet bomb a ship, sure, a waste of bombs, but the bombs are unguided, when the bombs miss, they could take out suspected submarines under the ship, Each model is equipped advanced radar, electronic warfare equipment, counter electronic warfare equipment.

Ship: Roadrunner Class Space Fighter

The Roadrunner is a Fighter designed for use in space and in the atmosphere, the cockpit is pressurized but the pilots still wear life support systems in case the seal fails, the main attraction of the Roadrunner is it's four missiles, they are high explosive missiles designed to take out orbital assets, sometimes the missiles are EMP missiles which shut down spy satellites and other orbital assets, the big missiles near the smaller ones are clusters, designed to destroy groups of satellites and other orbital assets but another deadly weapon is it's guided small missiles, each Roadrunner ALONE is able to carry up to 100 of these missiles, the Roadrunner got its name from its speed.