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Katrzynija and magic. (Non-megaverse)

History of magic
After landing upon the soil of this lands the Katrzynijans have discovered in themselves a new potential. Initially it was inconsequencial and katrzynijans lived just like people of other nations, untill magical dynasties formed. The dynasties have discovered that katrzynijan magic is dependant on skin exposure. And so from the higher echelons of society to the ones bellow spread nudity. After the change Katrzynija had entered the golden age of magic, during which Katrzynijan mgical abilities were enhanced. This however had the unforseen effect of slowing down technological progress. And so was the case up untill the begining of the industrial age around the world. The sudden worsening of magical potential caused a radical movement to begin. No longer could Katrzynija be behind the world powers in regards to advancement. In a few decades magic has been pushed away to the second place when it comes to importance. However the magic was not killed of by this. Even today magic finds practical usage in fields such as architecture, craftsmanship of necessary tools for suvival and entertainment.
The most known magical dynasty of today is the Katrzynijan royal bloodline.

Traits of magic
There are a few ways one can distinguish katrzynijans with high magic potential from others, they're as folows:
-Crimson or white hair.
-Crimson or very deep blue eyes.
-Average or short height.

Support/utility magic
Supportive magic is the easiest kind to get a grasp of, however it also has the highest learning and mana usage potential. The following parts dont contain all kinds of katrzynijan magic. just the most used.
-Chlorokinesis initially this magical ability has no possitive effects, as it only causes the person to spend more time near plantlife, afterwards however it may even allow for altering the growth of various plant organisms.
-Beast magic allows katrzynijans to more easily tame animals and in the future even call upon them for help. this ability has a lesser effect on insects.
-Healing magic intially may be seen as a simple trick, such as creating lights and sparkles, most may not be aware of the fact that said lights have an impact on the psyche of sentient being, causing lessening of pain and general feeling of joy and happiness. In the later stages this magic may allow for healing even physical wounds by contact with the demaged area.

Defensive magic
Defensive magic requires a higher ammount of ,,mana,, and skill to use than support magic.
-Veil of shadows, despite its name does not provide complete invisibility, however upon using it the user can blend in with his/her surroundings. (note: this ability works only on the individual, it does not affect carried objects, except for ones consumed. The ability works best while stationary. The ability is quite slow whne it comes to adapting to the surrounding and thus the user can easily be seen if not cautious. The user cannot use any other form of magic whilst using this ability. the ability works poorly in open spaces, unless lying on the ground, which can be dangerous.)
-Pain magic. The ability can be used to temporarily stun an enemy with a punch, kick ,etc. the attack will feel many times more painful than it should be.
-Slowed time perception grants the user quite similar effects to an adrenaline rush. uses a lot of ,,mana,,