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Tomb of the Japhetian Characters

First Unnamed Elder of Tubal - Assassinated by a foreign government
Last recorded moments:

After the assassination of the Elder of Tubal, the remaining Three Elders behind the coup have become frightened that MineLegotia may attempt to restore Ragnar and/or Germanicus to the country to join the breakaway loyalists of Tiras. The Elder of Meshech, the Elder of Javan, and the Elder of Madai have formed the Red Triumvirate as they call themselves to counter the perceived threat of the White Triumvirate of Gomer, Magog, and Tiras.

Ivan, Elder of Meshech - Killed himself in the foiled Red Triumvirate Coup
Last recorded moments:

From behind the seats Ivan, the Elder of Meshech raises his hand just enough for the troops to see him holding a device, his thumb just slightly above the button.

"IT'S A BOMB!" Agent Brony yells and the troops begin falling back and ducking for cover.

"Goodbye" Ivan, the Elder of Meshech says softly.

"YOU SNEAKY LITTLE SH-----" Ragnar yells but he is silenced by the explosion.

From the outside troops and media see part of the plane suddenly explodes.

Astyages, Elder of Madai - Assassinated in exile
Last recorded moments:

On JNN the news of the traitor Astyages' convenient death has travelled the world quickly, but as a mere byline to the public-at-large in Japhetian Media, though it's rumored that the Beloved Patriarch is satisfied with this end to the traitor.

Ragnar, Elder of Magog - Executed by Brasilistan in the Gallic War
Last recorded moments:

King Aella lets out a grunt of disgust and orders his men to stand Ragnar up. They drag him over the side of the pit of snakes. Ragnar looks around at them all and then his eyes look to the darkening dusk sky.

"Brasilistan you are avenged!" Aella cries out and the soldiers throw Ragnar into the pit.

As the vipers begin sinking their fangs and deadly poison into Ragnar, the Elder of Magog, he lifts up his voice one last time and sings his snake pit poetry. The last words he exhales softly with his last breath as his spirit leaves his broken body.

"We swung our sword;
That was ever so long a go.
The strong defended the weak
And the wronged we avenged
Do not bring your tears for me and weep
For I go as I wish to be with my father
But dread and fear oh vipers of Gaul
Oh how my little piglets shall squeal
When they hear how the old boar suffered."

Germanicus I, Elder of Gomer - Human Sacrificed in the Gallic War
Last recorded moments:

The druids and the Gauls dance around the bonfire chanting to the elements to assist them. The artillery shelling has ceased as Caesar has become aware of the live broadcast and sees on the screen his beloved son Germanicus hoisted up upon the bonfire. V stands with a torch in his hand after praying to nature.

"You have taken so many sons from Gaul, and now Gaul shall take Rome's favorite son! Grant me thine power just this once more oh earth and send thy thunder upon the Romans!" V looks into the camera and throws the torch on to the bonfire igniting it.

"Father! You did the best you can." Germanicus cries out as the flames shoot up to him kindling his wickerman suit. "Tell Livia that I love her."

Germanicus screams out as the flames engulf him and then falls silent. Great dark clouds form in the sky as V and his druids continue chanting. The rumble of thunder echoes across the sky. Suddenly a massive lightning storm begins zapping the Roman camp. The artillery pieces and vehicles begin exploding as they are struck by bolt after bolt of lightning.

Iapetus Caesar, Founder and First Patriarch of Japhetia - Assassinated on the Ides of March
Last recorded moments:

In the early morning of March 15th, Caesar's limousine pulls up to the Senate in Rome. Despite it being early, a large crowd of supporters are gathered outside cheering Caesar as he emerges from the car. The eighty year old leader of Japhetia and Rome smiles and waves to the public. The Praetorian Guard clones usher Caesar into the building.

Inside much of the Senators are glowering at Caesar, but many of them stay curiously silent. They all mill around him talking only slightly. Very few of them make direct eye contact with Caesar as his dual colored eyes sweep the magnificent marble chamber of Rome's governing body. Caesar walks magnificently arrayed in the dictatorial Toga Praetexta, sweeping around him as he moves. His magic red cloak curiously swirls around him as if blown by phantom breeze sensing much threat to Caesar's person, but the old Dictator seems to not notice.

As Caesar goes to ascend the podium to address the Senate, Dodaneus, the Ambassador from Caesar's own nation, Japhetia, walks up to him, his eyes downcast. Around the two the other Senators press curiously around the pair.

"Pardon my wife Hera!" Dodaneus cries out and suddenly pulls out a long dagger and takes a swipe at Caesar.

Turning his face just in time Caesar only receives a small cut from the blade, and he grabs Dodaneus by the arm wielding the knife roughly, squeezing it rather powerfully for an 80 year old man.

"Et tu Dodaneus? What has gotten into you?" Caesar eyes narrow looking at Dodaneus and he squeeze his arm until the dagger falls to the ground of the chamber with a din. "I will not pardon Hera, you need have you head checked boy." Caesar says dismissing Dodaneus' claim and he pushes Dodaneus backwards to the ground.

Caesar looks up at the rest of the Senators gathered around. He notices they have all pulled out their daggers which they concealed in their robes. He looks over to the Praetorian Guards, whom were cloned in Salcanceacy, seemingly have gone lethargic and just stand there. Before Caesar can open his mouth to say anything, the Senate descends upon him from all sides, daggers drawn and they begin to plunge in their knives...…

Caesar receives another slash from Dionysius of Sperio suddenly pulling out his concealed cane sword. The old stalwart leader of Japhetia and Rome stumbles back some against one of the Praetorian Guards. Caesar staggers standing himself upright and flips the bird to the Senate.

"Is that all you worthless peons got?" Caesar spits out some blood and laughs pointing at the Steward of The City of 21st Century Rome (21st Century Rome) as he rushes forward to stab Caesar, but slipping on some of Caesar's spilled blood, accidentally slashes the former imperatrix Poliet. Caesar mocks the two further, "This all you have done for Rome in all this time!"

"You will not seize Rome!!!" The retired founder/city steward of Rome screams back at him, picks up the dagger, and plants it below the wound to his right chest, leaving the dagger in him.

"Oh, but I all ready did." Caesar with a strong arms draws 21st Century Rome's city steward in closer and laughs and then bloodily spits in the retired Founder's face before throwing him to the side!

The Senators seeing the elder beloved steward mocked so, and also his boldness in finally acting, all cry out "death to Caesar!" and those that were on the sidelines watching jump out of their seats and the fray to get a piece of Caesar turns into an all out blood frenzy of beating and wounding the dictator of Rome....

Taking another wound, struck by a gunshot to his knee, Caesar stumbles backwards and falls over. The old Japheth's strong will still burns inside of him, and he shakily stands himself back up in defiance of his assassins and wobbly walks to the throne of 21st Century Rome. He looks around the chamber at the various Senators and Conspirators. Caesar sways for a moment in a swoon from all the blood loss and injury, and collapses backwards again onto the seat of Roman power overlooking the Senate. Dodaneus, whom has been standing on the sidelines watching the fray approaches his former leader. Suddenly in a crack of thick smoke and shadow, Hera appears behind Dodaneus, looking down in triumph at her adversary Caesar, standing over him relishing her victory.

"Do it Dodaneus, finish the unjust Japheth off here, and let us rule Japhetia together." Hera says into Dodaneus' ear and conjures a wicked black dagger and places it into his hand.

Dodaneus looks at the dagger and back up at Caesar, and approaches him slowly. He bends down to face Caesar, hand shaking as he lifts the dagger up to Caesar's throat. Pulling his hand back in preparation to deliver the blow, Caesar thrusts his uninjured arm forward and grabs Dodaneus by the collar of his shirt and draws him close enough to meet eyes.

"Dodaneus…...forgive me." The Japheth gasps for air and sputters through some blood running out of his mouth. "For..give me. Please forgive me......Your mother Rhea and I.. we had an affair..... are...l-look into my eyes..." Caesar's voice grows faint and Caesar locks his dual colored heterochromia brown and blue eyes into Dodaneus' exact same heterochromia eyes for a moment. "That's why I couldn't bring myself to execute you all that time a go.....please....forgive me...….my son!"

Dodaneus stands there in shock holding the Japheth, his father, and tears begin running out his eyes. "What have I done?!" Dodaneus cries out desperately.

Hera's eyes widen at the Japheth's revelation to be Dodaneus' real father. She screams out in rage and push herself forward. She takes her black dagger out of the shocked Dodaneus' hand and delivers it to Caesar's neck. Caesar looks up at the two and slides down the throne of Rome, laying at the feet of the seat of power. As blood runs out of many parts of his body and gushes out of his neck he makes one last trembling attempt to lift himself back up on to the seat. Spasms shoot through his body as the last of his blood drains out, and he collapses on the floor, his good hands wrapping itself in his red cloak of war and his Toga Praetexta. He lifts the garments over his face before his hand falls to the ground. His body stops its spasms and goes stiff, Gaius Iapetus Caesar, founder of Japhetia, Dictator of Rome, exhales his last breath.

Aslaug and Her Sons, Nobles of Magog - Killed in Japhetian Civil War
Last recorded moments:

Beorn ducks to the ground and his forces return fire and dash in covering him and pulling him back to safety. Some of Aslaug's most loyal troops begin utterly massacring Beorn's troops. The MineLegoan snipers surprised by both Hera's voice and the sudden action refocus their scopes unsure which side to take potshots at. Beorn's troops fight valiantly however, and many of Aslaug's own troops, touched by his speech suddenly turn against her, defecting to Beorn and begin fighting. Halfdan and Ivar both are killed in the chaos.

Lady Aslaug enraged at the death of her sons glows red with an energy field around her. She just begins raining fire down on everyone, even her own troops. As her most loyal troops either break and flee or are slaughtered, Beorn and his troops surround Aslaug, he calls out for her offering to spare her life if she surrenders. Aslaug screams back at him and continues in her fiery rampage. tearing her way towards Beorn. Her own body begins to immolate as she turns into a being of pure flame.

Reaching Beorn Aslaug in fireform grows and grows taller, her burning passion dissipates the clouds and incinerates most of the MineLegotian ponies. She fires all her hatred and life force and power at Beorn in a massive suicidal tsunami of fire, destroying herself in the process.

Gorgossal, Elder of Tubal - Killed by Hera at the Red Wedding
Last recorded moments:

Elder Gorgossal jumps up from his seat in the front and Hera conjures a spinning saw bade which cuts him in half diagonally.

Peter, Elder of Meshech - Killed by Hera at the Red Wedding
Last recorded moments:

Rounding upon Elder Peter, Hera cuts his head off with the saw blade returning from behind him.

Orpheus, Elder of Tiras - Killed by Hera at the Red Wedding
Last recorded moments:

Hera cries in rage and sadness at the Elders for signing the divorce decree and announces they will not leave her presence alive. Orpheus grabs the baby Germanicus II and dashes for the door but Hera conjures a spear of ice and impales him, the baby falls to the ground crying loudly.

Cyrus, Elder of Madai - Killed by Hera at the Red Wedding
Last recorded moments:

Elder Cyrus pleads for his life citing that his grandfather Astyages had tried to help her in the Red Triumvirate coup. Hera doesn't buy his pleas and kills him on the spot, conjuring several daggers behind him which stab him in the back.

Lagertha, Noblewoman of Magog - Killed by Hera at the Red Wedding
Last recorded moments:

Flying over to Beorn, Hera charges up a massive ball of energy preparing to kill the Ragnarsson, but as she discharges it Lagertha jumps in the way, absorbing the blast, and falling over dead on her son's body.

Bishop Patrick, Christian Prophet - Martyred for denouncing Dodaneus and Hera's rule
Last recorded moments:


"SILENCE!" Hera screams back her voice reaching such a high pitch over the microphones it breaks some of the older ones. "YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU SPEAK ABOUT SLAVE!"


"Enough of this, Bishop Patrick, have I not always treated you well old man and tolerated you and your religion despite my past? My daughter Aphrodite I trust you, if you wish to keep him alive in a nice church of his own in Beorn's province I will accept that." Dodaneus the aging Patriarch of Japhetia stands up and looks out below at his daughter.

"I will vote...… to put him to death." Aphrodite avoids the devastated gaze of her powerful husband Beorn and finds herself look straight into Bishop Patrick's eye looking into hers. A beautiful tear wells up and passes her porcelain cheeks before she looks away in shame.


"HE IS GUILTY OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" Hera decries gleefully. A helicopter flies in and picks her up and drops her off at the square below for her to watch personally as the old Bishop Patrick is lowered into the guillotine.

"FATHER MAY JAPHETIA FIND FORGIVENESS!" The Bishop cries out and the guillotine blade drops and the illicit videotape leaked to the wider international Psychotic Press Corps ends.

Dodaneus, Second Patriarch of Japhetia - Airplane Accident
Last recorded moments:

Japhetian media suddenly breaks on every channel and throughout the internet in the country and internationally with weeping platinum blonde anchorwoman. "Patriarch Dodaneus has died today, his plane which was due to land in the province of Javan crashed and has been found by the military of the province of Javan. Live footage is now coming in from the coast guard."

The screen changes to simpler camera footage bobbing up and down in a small Japhetian patrol boat. Shallows on a beach in south Javan lap with small waves and rocks jut out. The smoking smoldered shell of an airplane's skeleton partially submerged come into view. Some bodies and debris float about. The camera pans across to a craggy spire outstretched near the front of the craft. Upon the rocks lays a bloodied body of Dodaneus with two eagles picking his corpse apart.

Suddenly the livefeed is shut down and the scene shifts back to the visibly shaken Japhetian anchorwoman.

Hera, Noblewoman and Usurper of Japhetia - Defenestrated on the Ides of March
Last recorded moments:

After a few days of running street battles, Elder Alexander of House Javan has overcome the loyalists to Regent Hera. It is also March the 15th, the same day on which Hera had masterminded the assassination of Japhetia's first Patriarch, Gaius Caesar long a go. Alexander and his troops approach the royal palace of Japhetia. Barricaded inside, Hera appears in the window to hurl abuse at Alexander.

"So it is treason oh Alexander? You have come to kill your own brother like the true bastard that you are!" Hera screams out.

Alexander looks up into Hera's face, his dark brown eye and his shocking blue eye meet her and he remains silent.

"I should have killed you during the Gallic Wars so many years a go." Hera snarls. "You soldiers below are traitors to Japhetia, but kill Alexander now and I shall pardon you."

"Who is on my side? Who?" Alexander roars back still looking up at the royal palace. A few attendants poke their faces out of a window. "Throw her down here!"

There is a small scuffle inside the palace as the attendants take hold of Hera. Together the small group of servants take hold of the longtime queen and cast her out of the window. With a piercing scream Hera plunges to the square below. Blood everywhere as Hera's body breaks and bursts all over the polished marble.

After the immediate affairs of state have been dealt with Alexander asks the guards to go clean up Hera's remains and give them a royal burial because despite her evil she was after all the wife of his father and also was herself a one time Elder of Javan. The guards come back after an hour and report that it seems a pack of stray dogs have devoured or carried off Hera's body and are licking up her blood. The rest of Hera cannot be found for burial.

Athena, co-Elder of Javan - Murdered by an outraged mob of plebs
Last recorded moments:

The ill-starred day of the wedding of Alexander and Athena has come. Alba Square was alive with the public showing up celebrating the consecration of the newest DEAR LEADER idols and the overall expenditure and lavishness of the occasion spent by the Elders of the wealthy province of Javan. Though it was noted among the public that the DEAR LEADER himself did not endorse this strange wedding. Alexander in his most expensive suit along with the young puppet heir Heracles, the son of the late royal couple Dodaneus and Hera, standing passively by his side as best man at an altar erected in front of the Royal Palace. Athena appears led by young maidens carrying her expensive long delicate white wedding dress train.

Out in the mass of the public in the main square however news of the recent and perfidious WA condemnation of the realm of all glory and its nations thereof pours in. The masses begin crying "long live DEAREST LEADER!!!!" and "Down with the pony-loving WA!!!!" In a deadly combination of ecstasy and anger the people start upbraiding the "pony loving princess". Quickly the mob of the plebs overrun the guards and surrounding Athena and her entourage begin beating Athena to death. Even her own Javanic Guards turn on her.

Alexander, Elder of Javan and Regent of Japhetia - Died of fever
Last recorded moments:

As the day goes on Alexander slips in and out of consciousness his body trembling with sweat and burning at an incredible temperature. His breath becomes short and his condition worsens as night approaches. The Javanite troops are still occasionally shelling the city, which only puts up a seeming token resistance and response. While some of the troops have fallen prey to the disease they are unaware of the state of their commander. Alexander's loyal generals, and via a video uplink, Perseus and Andromeda watching from the ships gather around Alexander as it becomes apparent he shall die tonight

"House Javan and Japhetia will go to....." Alexander tries to sit up and he stammers out looking at his friends and fixing his eyes for a long second upon the screen with his recovering half-brother Perseus. They all look in anxiously at Alexander's shocking dual heterochromia iridium eyes, the same defining eyes of his father Dodaneus and Dodaneus own father Caesar the first Patriarch, a physical sign of the firstborn sons. His face relaxes for a moment of peace and the Elder slumps over but then he begins trembling with chills as his burning body pours out sweat. After a few moments he exhales his last words, ".......the strongest."