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The Class Guard

The Class guard was originally a militia raised by extreme loyalists, the name 'Class' Being the last name of the great leader 'Finn Class'
Sure, the Militia started becoming more of a cult, adopting children from orphanages only to raise them as soldiers for their Militia, and them spending their entire life training rather than going to school, they became one hell of a unit.

The government noticed this and had to put a stop to the cult, and how unhealthy this was, even when it was 'Cool' they thought.
So, they proposed a better idea, they proposed the Militia become official members of the homeland guard, of Historia (Capital of Upperhails)
Where they could instead of training children, they'd train adults looking to join the Class Guard, or as the soldiers within the unit described themselves 'The Class Crew'

These soldiers who do not rely on modern technology, even still using bayonets will not go down easily, be it an invasion of the Historian Palace, they're armed with flamethrowers even, what's important to note is they're not defending, it's more of throwing themselves straight at the enemy, and causing as much damage as possible, there are other guards who evacuate the important people as the Class Crew do their work.

Not yet has Historia been invaded, but the Class Guard is prepared, with only 550 members currently, and the military putting money into an airforce for the Class Guard, they're becoming less and less a unit of guards, they will certainly go down in Upperhails history as the most powerful military unit thus far.