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Operation Iron Eagle (2002- Ongoing)

The current bloodshed in the Rassad Islands or simply 'the islands' for short, is widely accepted as starting on August 29th with a large scale and sophisticated terrorist attack on all three major island cities, Tel-oz, Sofia, and the regional capital of Key Trago; hundreds of armed bandits wearing paramilitary garb stormed key locations in each city, meeting halls, schools, churches, police stations,hotels etc... and began gunning down civilians without discretion, planting bombs on roads to kill and slow a military response and taking hostages.
The tide began to turn after 2 weeks of fighting after elite units and even the famed Bravo-2 teams were called in to launch surgical strikes and within a few days with the aid of air power the military and police were only mopping up resistance.
By the end of the ordeal 900 civilians, 100 security personnel, and over 500 insurgents were killed, this bold attack signaled rassad freedom cells across the islands to rise at once starting a months long siege to take much of the smaller cities and towns, by November the number of combat troops in the islands rose from 8000 to 25,000 in what was called the first troop surge, this conflict would see three more such surges.

The current aim for Asturian military high command is to develop rural areas and win the favor of the local population, due to increased imperial activity and construction crew moving in and out, attacks have once again spiked on both military and civilian target, a fourth troop surge is currently being proposed.

Aside from civilian psychological operations, military operations have only intensified and in the wake of a massive spike of insurgent activity, combat outposts, patrols and seek and destroy missions and heavy firefights are a norm for most deployed Imperial troops