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The Draconics

The Draconics first appeared in the historical record in the year 2200 BC, where an ancient hunter described a being similar to the Draconics that they encountered on a hunt. A stable peace existed between the groups of Draconics as they worked together to fight off the local humans, and this peace turned to respect. Eventually, the Grash Peak accords were signed, in the year 1320, signifying the unification of the region and founding of out great nation.

The appearance of the draconic is similar to humanoid lizards. Their scale colors range from red to purple, with a usually tan underbelly. Their mouth structure appears to be omnivorous, and this is supported by their hunting parties and farms found throughout the region.

Their social structure is influenced by Gender, with the leader of each local government being the most experienced female leader in the area, with the supreme matriarch at the head of the government.