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Party Agreement Between GPP and HL Partnership

Partnership between the Green Peace Party and Homeland League

The Green Peace Party (GPP) and Homeland League Party (HL) will agree to the following terms regarding their partnership.

1: To work together to discuss all Assembly of Region legislation and seek to find a peaceful way in which both parties can agree on the legislation

2: Both parties will discuss candidates up for vote in order to pick a candidate both parties can agree on to vote for.

3: Both parties will have representatives in each others party servers to maintain communication

4: Both parties will build an established place for discussion of legislation, candidates and other AoR matters.

5:Both parties will seek to maintain a strong work relationship and friendship in order to address concerns and goals within the AoR and achieve those together.

6: No member of either party shall work to undermine the other party or any of its members.

7: Both parties shall work together to defend each other and the AoR from threats that would seek to cause division and harm to the oganization.

8: Both parties shall have the maintaining of regional sovereignty while seeking to create a more unified AoR while also seeking unity and to work with all member regions and associate regions of the AoR.

The Grean Peace Party and the Homeland League agree to the above terms and shall solidify this agreement with the signatures from the heads of the party.

Homeland League
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