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Project: Ika-ō

Japanese engineers have created the greatest monstrosity ever seen by mankind before. A combination of beast and machine, it dwells deep underwater. In preparation for the World Fair at Königsberg, Prussia (Caesar Von Bingen) on March 8, 1912. The Empire brings you Project: Ika-ō (meaning King Squid).

• Fully controllable tentacles that act as arms to pick up/remove stuff underwater and can even be used as a weapon to fend off enemy ships

• Suckers that are capable of producing
suction forces more than 800 kilopascals (roughly 100 pounds per square inch) and with pointed spikes at the tips

• A beak that can be used for shearing and slicing ships and men!

• Able to go as deep as 2,000 feet underwater

• The squid is roughly 43 feet (13 meters) long, and weighs nearly a ton

• Has a carrying capacity of about 78 persons