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The Wabobanian Trout

11 July 2020, Saturday
The Wabobanian Trout Industry

When the first Wabobanians were forming the first cities, they were in need of a massive, sustainable and healthy food source. They searched the forests, and the fields, and the savannas, and the deserts, only to find that the food was either sparse, or very difficult to kill and cultivate.

Their final stop was at the rivers, where they found the miracle food that they were looking for: Wabobanian Trout. Wabobanian Trout are exceptionally large, being 20 inches long and weighing 20 pounds on average. Their fast growth speed and high birth rates make them widespread throughout the fresh waters of Wabobania. They are also very healthy to eat, being high in protein and nutrients.

The mass consumption of Wabobanian Trout continues to this day, and is the most consumed meat in Wabobania. The Trout is also exported to other nations who have a similar appetite for seafood. In many restaraunts across the nation you will find dishes such as fried trout, grilled trout, smoked trout, trout fillet,