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Victoria Hoffmeister

Director of the Galactic Espionage Agency (G.E.B)

In office:

2040 - Present

Preceded by:

Ava Fulrum

Personal Details


23 of Nachgeheim, 2008 IC (39 years old), Larandoth Bastion, Bloodshade


180.2 cm




82.8 kg







Assigned Sex:


Political Party:

Blood-Fire Party


Shaldo Varner (2010-2011), Raneera Serzalia (2030-2038)



Alma Matar:

Valyrian Military Institute
- Bachelor's of Military History
- Master of Defense and Strategic Studies



Military Service

Nickname: Bat-girl

Allegiance: Bloodshade Defense Forces

Wars: - Res'vian Silver Wars
- War of Vengeance
- Insurrection of Dranstar

Early Life

Victoria Aldessa Hoffmeister was born into a well-off family of artists, entertainers and musicians, with two older sisters and brothers. Victoria is considered the youngest of the Hoffmeister family and some rather large shoes to fill if she was supposed to hold her name up high and proud, in a way unique to her own siblings. However, a sense of frustration and envy built up within the recesses of her mind. Victoria's relationship with her family was frosty at best and when things took a turn for the worse, she ran the risk of being disowned as she often grew rather envious from her own siblings's talents and frustrated due to the lack of attention afforded by her parents who were oftentimes too busy performing, practicing, crafting their own music or lending their time to the most promising of their children, honing their skills so they could follow in their footsteps. Victoria was a fan of the saxophone and independently pursued learning to play the instrument, mostly on her own although on the yearly occasions where her father wished to check up on his children's musical careers.

Her mother, Dana Hoffmeister, was the polar opposite of her husband who we'll get to soon enough and suffered as a result. Victoria's mother was an eminent author in the genre of urban, epic fantasy. She was most notable for creating the 'Dying Garden' saga, a collection of twelve books. A series tackling an urbanized world where dragons vie for control as they attempt to push around and manipulate humanity to fulfill their wants and desires, being capable of putting down any rebellious thoughts with their magnificent power. Victoria's mother was originally a very loving mother to her children and was capable of dealing with her husband's antics which involved a history of mental and physical abuse which she shrugged off initially but as time passed and the more children she had to worry about while trying to complete her magnum opus, the stress broke her to a point of no return and by the time Victoria was born, there was little love or energy left to offer to her youngest child. While Victoria's siblings had at least been given some guidance in life, Victoria was oftentimes the target of her mother's frustration with life although on occasion, there were moments of clarity which allowed the two to spend quality time together.

Their relationship was a complicated one and one could argue that Dana loved Victoria the most, although it might've been been because of the guilt brought about by unleashing her anger on the little girl. No matter what went on Dana's mind and what her opinion of Victoria truly was, the girl nonetheless eventually developed 'Paranoid personality disorder' by her teens and was deathly afraid of her mother's mood swings. One day, Dana Hoffmeister might be taking her youngest daughter for a walk in the park but in the next, she could be chastising a young Victoria for the inconvenience and pain she brings to her life. She quickly learnt that talking back to her mother would only result in it escalating into physical abuse although at times, it could simply result in her breaking her mother down. She could never tell and for the majority of Victoria's adolescent through teen years, she had to carefully navigate around her mother's trigger zones in order to preserve their already broken relationship for the sake of a few positive memories. Mostly, Dana and Victoria were at peace when the latter would ask about the former's progress in writing. That was truly one of the only few opportunities where the two felt like a mother-daughter duo. Quality time spent gushing about her passion to her own flesh and blood.

You could be fooled for a second to think that the two were a functional pair but at the end of the day, Victoria believed she was just an outlet, whether for positive or negative emotions, rather than her mother's daughter. Dana, on the other hand, genuinely loved Victoria for these precious moments although nowadays, the two have completely cut contact from one another at Victoria's behest for about 37 years or so and that's mostly to preserve her mother's safety. No amount of time will grant Victoria the childhood she wished for and she despises her mother to the core for placing her in her current predicament. Dana, still probably stuck in her own world of high fantasy and literature, has little to no idea on what she did to wrong her baby but she most certainly knows she might never be able to salvage whatever's left of their relationship and seemingly, no amount of writing will fill the void that her daughter left. Victoria, on the other hand, is more than happy to have her own source of income and home nowadays but while she often attempts to forget about her mother's existence, memories of the past gnaw at her late at night, manifesting into one of her greatest unconscious nightmares.

Her father, Alaric Hoffmeister (Known by his stage name 'Music-Meister'), was an unhinged personality and virtually an absentee father. He's the critical reason for why Victoria chose her path in life despite the fact that he hardly ever interacted with her. Alaric was more concerned with the 'controversial yet sophisticated banging tunes' that he was capable of creating. Mr. Hoffmeister belongs to a pop rock band known as the 'Sanguine Monks' and is their lead vocalist. In Victoria's eye, even as a child, her father wasted his days in his studio or in the many gatherings and events he was invited to. The celebrity was rather politically charged, subtly espousing his own views that were considered to be rather sensitive to say the least. It was no secret that Alaric despised the idea of a cosmopolitan universe and was prone to paint any races that did not originate on Stormfels as an enemy of their sovereignty and freedom but most importantly, he despised the affluent snobs he was surrounded by, often drunkenly ranting and raving about how their selfish tendencies will contribute to the subjugation, crippling and destruction of their home-world. Capitalism, to Alaric, is a system that is not compatible with the artist. He despised the interviews, the commodification of his music and the attempt at standardizing his style so that it could be fed to the public in a cost-efficient manner. You could imagine the number of conflicts occurring between Alaric and his managers, with him loudly proclaiming that he'd never allow himself to be enslaved. Despite his hostility towards them, most folk simply brushed off his ravings as that of a drunken, hypocritical madman.

However, in the late stages of his career, the musician eventually dipped his hands into the theater of politics after he slowly became disillusioned by his career, realizing that singing about the injustices of a blind society would bring about no change whatsoever. Soon enough, he rid himself of the shackles of the music industry and dived into the embraces of extremism. He began by joining the 'Void Halla' and produced blunt, anti-system pieces of art, denouncing the shadow government controlling Bloodshade (according to Alaric) and the people who foolishly blind themselves to the injustices they allow to persist that will bite back in the future, as well as occasionally taking up arms against the Bloodshadian authorities on multiple occasions as he was known to blow up government buildings, steal military equipment or even murder a politician or two that were vocally against the Void Halla group, eventually being arrested and summarily executed by G.E.B agents. Alaric died four years after he joined the ultra-nationalist 'Void Halla' group and after he abandoned his family. Four years of him running rampant, being one of Bloodshade's most wanted. Victoria was neither shocked nor moved by his death. In fact, she was content and proud of the G.E.B agents that took him down. All the suffering and pain her father caused did nothing but worsen her opinion of him as well as make her own life more miserable, with the government watching her every foot-step while friends and acquaintances estranged her to avoid being placed in the G.E.B's reticle. Strangely enough, Victoria thought it was her duty to cleanse the family name so it isn't associated with a nationalist terrorist and rather, have it be associated to a figure of authority such as herself.

Victoria attended the 'United School of Sarenaya'. The vampiress was no slouch when it came to interacting with others. In fact, school was an escape for her. The longer she stayed away from home, the better. There is a saying that school is one's second home but to Victoria, it was her only solace and most people were rather approachable to Victoria, especially when they knew of her family's background. While that didn't necessarily result in her obtaining friends any quicker, it did make life easier for her.

She only befriended three people that still stick around with her until today. One is a Dwarfish boy named Olif Stonewall. The second is an Elvish girl named Layaleh Radolia. The third is Victoria's history teacher by the name of Mr. Sernor. While there were others who Victoria held dear, these three tended to be the ones that stayed with Victoria through thick and thin. Purposefully, she attempted to extend her school days as much as possible whether it be through after-school clubs, sports, academic competitions, choir or the model galactic republic. She wasn't necessarily proficient but all she wanted was time away from her toxic household doing something that'd grant her some peace of mind at the very least. However, many events from her household would spill over to the school environment. The presence of her siblings in and around school tended to sour the vampire's mood as she always felt like she needed to viciously compete with them. Other times, any lingering negative thoughts from home soured her mood, making her dejected, paranoid, lonesome or all of the above. However, the one thing that Victoria kept consistent was her grades, mostly because she wished to avoid the lifestyle her parents had and stick with a career that involved something tangible.

Military Life and Career

Upon graduating from high school, Victoria sought to enroll in one of the many universities the federation had to offer but was shut down the moment she indicated to her mother that she'd be pursuing a major in the field of STEM which simply broke her heart, prompting her to put her foot down and claim that no child of hers would sully the family name by pursuing mediocrity, hoping to re-ignite her love of the arts. The only art Victoria decided to pursue was the art of war, realizing it was her only escape from her mindbogglingly vexing household while genuinely taking an interest in the power within the military's grasp. The thought of having such power within her grasps piqued her curiosity, to say the least.

A few months was all it took for Victoria to run away from home, crash at Layaleh's house, chat up a recruiter, pass a written, physical and mental exam and finally decide to join the Weltraudahsila, a service branch mainly designed as an expeditionary and space-based force, primarily called to deal with 'unconventional' forces, defense systems or independent hostile organizations, particularly slaver and bandit guilds. Victoria was particularly sought after in a service branch such as the Weltraudahsila due to her natural physical strength, abilities and attunement to the nether regions of her mind, granting her natural capabilities that the Weltraudahsila are exactly looking for. A toned vampiress, cultivating her own mind to allow herself the intrinsic capability to manipulate her environment.

Martial training for Victoria was a life-changing experience for her, mainly turning her into the cynical, no-nonsense, distant woman that she is today. Military training for a member of the Weltraudahsila is a 26 week program, split into two training sections. The first being a basic training program decided to turn people into soldiers and teaching them the basic aspects of warfare. The second part of her training was more specialized, depending on one's service branch and role in the military. For Victoria's Advanced Individual Training, she was trained in weapon operation and maintenance, vehicle operation and maintenance, defense against CBRN threats, navigation in three-dimensional space, scouting and reconnaissance Victoria's soft demeanor and mild personality were quickly diminished after a few weeks of training and while she was co-operative whenever there was a need, she strictly kept to herself, never bothering to defend anyone of her fellow recruits mainly due to their relatively boorish nature although she was mostly avoidant of others since other recruits found it amusing to bring up her father's crimes and playfully prod her about it, only resulting in her becoming a more distant individual as time passed.

Victoria's first deployment was related to the 'Res'vian Silver Wars', a Chyluliwan faction of corsairs and marauders dedicating their lives to As a part of the 6th Weltraudahsila Division, Victoria and her unit were tasked with searching for Res'vian pirate havens and smuggler ports peppered throughout neighboring or bordering system of Bloodshade and destroying them, patrolling hyperlanes and ensuring the peace in outer rim settlements and trading posts. Their first mission was to establish a foothold on the distant, niche colony on the planet Noctilinni, 1,832 light years away from Yvresse. The squad Victoria was assigned to was tasked with investigating settlements and gathering intelligence on Res'vian movement that might be lingering about or around such settlements, as Noctilinni was known to be a Res'vian pirate haven. As Noctilinni bastions were known to posses a large number of Chyluliwan citizens, a race of serpentine-like humanoid citizens most notable for their scaly skin and powerful prehensile tentacles situated at the top of their head, which they can use to their advantage during combat such as when it comes to close quarters combat or equipping ranged weaponry. In any case, Her squad was met with much doubt and passive hostility as they traveled around and in between bastions, with the natives mostly ignoring their presence or simply asking them to leave their homeland. The few who did give them solid information were rather subtle and secretive with its passing.

Eventually, they had been pointed towards the Veinhorn jungles, a vivid, pink-shaded swath of fungi and forestry, by a middle-class Chyluliwan couple who had grown tired and afraid of the repercussions of having a Res'vian pirate haven linger on Noctilinni. They claimed that while they had no way to know where the haven was situated, they were sure of pirate movement, as they noticed multiple teams transporting rotomolded shipping containers in and out of the great pinkery, possibly carrying rare psychoactive drugs and medical compounds used by the Res'vians to subsidize their operations. With such knowledge at hand, the 6th Weltraudahsila Division set up a forward operating base on-planet as well surrounding forward operating sites as they began their campaign against the Res'vian insurgents. Still a simple private, Victoria's task was to scout and patrol the base's surroundings, ensuring that no Res'vian could sneak up on the base. Due to her vampiric physiology, Victoria was valued for her naturally-imbued superior sense of eyesight, hearing and smell. She was treated as an attack dog of sorts, having to memorize Res'vian scents in order to be capable of acquiring them easily. However, that came at the cost of her own well-being due to her paranoid nature. Being situated in the middle of a bright pink forest with a multitude of sounds, visions and smells barraging her senses. It was a tiresome, dangerous mission due to how difficult traversing the jungle was as well as how dangerous it was, due to the fauna and Res'vians encountered along the way.

While the native fauna of the planet were simple and easy to dispatch, as she was accompanied by her squadron who easily dispatched any targets she called out. However, Victoria's first rodeo is something she still remembers until today. The moment she killed her first enemy soldier. It was around half past two and her squadron were ambushed by Res'vian stalkers who were capable of imitating the colors and texture of their environment, effectively cloaking themselves from sight while simply waiting amidst the foliage for Victoria's patrol to enter their field of view. Most of the details were lost to Victoria. She remembered plasma, laser and bullet fire being exchanged between her side and theirs. Branches and tree chunks flying off as grenades were lobbed from one side to the other. Her staff sergeant, Volanser Rendar, was the most prominent voice on the battlefield and only after many seconds had passed with her dashing to cover: Hyperventilating. Heart pounding. Brain dizzy. Only until he spoke her name in the midst of the battle-fire did the vampiress's mind return to their dimension. After an intense firefight, the Weltraudahsila squadron suffering only two critical injuries and four minor injuries while the Res'vians suffered four deaths and one injured pirate that was subsequently captured due to her inability to retreat from the site along with her comrades. More skirmishes like these would occur during her time on deployment and while Victoria was mentally and physically stressed with each encounter, often receiving shrapnel wounds, third degree burns or poison being injected into her system by the more unconventional weaponry a Chyluliwan can sport and use against enemies of biological nature often to inflict fatigue, paranoia, hysteria or brain damage depending on the amount forcibly injected. Multiple shaves with such poison aggravated Victoria's own mind as she attempted to battle with herself and the Res'vians. It came to a point where combat stress was a serious issue for her, as she was struck with nightmares, hallucinations and anxiety throughout the day.

Six months into the operation and Victoria was identified to have combat stress reaction and given leave for three days, to recoup and recover from her wounds, both internal and external, as well as confide about her experiences to a professional before being sent back to her role on the field, with renewed vigor accompanying her, despite the lingering voice in the back of her mind. Victoria was soon back in the field and as time passed, further information about the position of pirate havens were revealed from local and captured enemy sources around the planet of Noctilinni. Victoria's platoon were tasked with infiltrating the haven dubbed 'Broken Claw', a stronghold embedded in the ancient ruins of the planet, and neutralizing or capturing the ringleaders of the terrestrial operation. The following action was bloody and ruthless, with Weltraudahsila forces engaging the Res'vians who had been caught off guard and cornered in their base. They fought with tooth and nail, inflicting relatively sizable number of casualties upon the attackers. In such a situation, Victoria was capable of using battle-sanctioned arcanism One such mandated spell were simple localized weather manipulation spells that allowed her to disorient, dispatch and demoralize enemy combatants, which proved to be an invaluable modifier of the battle's balance of power.

In a recent interview of the now Director the Galactic Espionage Bureau, Victoria was asked about her first ever experience of battle and the first time she ever killed someone. Such a question posed to her made her feel like she was being thrown back into the past. A restrained demeanor. Blunt tone. Visibly fighting her own mind to stop herself from thinking too deeply. Extremely frustrated but apparently, to the soldier she killed. Justifying her actions to the interviewee, occasionally veering into poetic rambling. When asked about how she felt, she had this to say:

"A Chyluliwan pirate. He was the first person I ever killed. I saw him spring out of cover and trudge along a river to get in a flanking position but I had him dead in my sights. He turned around and his eyes pierced my own through the scope. Next second, I killed him. Stupid idiot...I thought I missed but the moment I saw the river take a darker shade of pink around him...I thought he was smiling to spite me but it was a grimace. One of pain. Either him or me. This was the start for me. I wanted to become who I am today. I wanted an education. A life of my own. Better my family name all because of that dog who ruined it. No, I don't feel remorse. No no, I wasn't in the military to think. I was in there to kill. I'm not an idiot. Someone has to do pull the trigger that I think about it, it was odd though now that I think about it. The control I had over his life. In one moment, a living, breathing husk full of dreams and aspirations. In another?....Death. Poof! Gone! Nothing. He became nothing. Doomed to have his body feed to the forest he died fighting in. I don't want that. I don't hesitate. Not anymore."


Victoria's the type to keep to herself most of the time. She's a naturally introverted being but can most certainly rise to the occasion whenever her voice and presence is needed. However, when it comes to her pleasure, her company is most often than not the best kind of company as she would rather be disappointed in herself than in another. While Victoria is the type who can laugh at or take in stride any sort of misfortune or misdeed wrought upon her, she's unfair in the sense that she will either ignore your insults completely or bring down her entire power upon you just to teach you a lesson if it is within her power to do so. Victoria is often deferential and obedient to those that rank higher or posses more influence than her. Unless someone is a grave embarrassment to their position and can potentially cause harm, no amount of disagreement will make Victoria seek power unjustly unless she knows for certain that a higher up is being a danger, a criminal and a fraud. However, be warned, taking Victoria under your stead will mean that you have a watchdog to worry about. One who will do her duty to the letter while ensuring you do so as well or else the consequences will be harsh.

While not exactly deemed a buzzkill, if Victoria were ever to be found at a social gathering or party, you'll probably find her brooding in a corner booth, face glued to her phone or a book. Any attempts to initiating a conversation will usually be met with glare before returning back to her devices. However, if she deems you to be good company, chances are you're someone she might be interested in befriending if you can get over her verbal jabs.

Victoria is not as emotionless as you might think. She's genuinely pleasant to have around as a friend as she often express excitement and enthusiasm, contrary to her typical day to day personality which she contradicts for a friend's sake. However, Victoria's very picky when it comes to friendships. She usually has formed most of her friendships since childhood but there is always the off-chance where she will find someone pleasant to be around. However, her main issue is that from experience, most 'friends' end up being romantic interests eventually which does nothing but stress her heart out.

When it comes to her romantic adventures, Victoria's experienced nothing but heartache as she's either been too late to express her feelings or ends up being exploited and lured into a relationship she has no desire to be a part of. As of now, any interest that comes her way ends up being given rather difficult treatment. In the past, she was much too shy to admit her desire for love but now, she simply gives off obvious indications that she's high maintenance in order to ward off any that would waste her time or are in it to use her body as they'll be sorely disappointed due to her demisexuality. Victoria can only truly find the beauty in someone when she bonds with their soul. Otherwise, she's as horny as flatbread.