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First Stage of Operation Living Space results.

11 July 2020.

I's been five days after the first offensive. Our Panaitani Armed Forces has successfully occupied the Tinjil Islands, southern and southwestern regions of Pandeglang, controlling the town of Sumur.

The PAF is expecting a counter offensive from the allied hostile forces from Pandeglang city and Labuhan.

The PAF take about 120,900 prisoners from the hostiles and will be forced to work and build settlements for Panaitanis.

The situation in southwestern Pandeglang, the town of Sumur is not yet safe, but the southern Pandeglang region is safe for settlements construction. The construction will begin tomorrow to house hundred and thousands of Panaitanis.

Our PAF lost 2,827 men while the hostiles lost all of their fighting forces, the rest are taken as prisoners.

Our PAF also acquired 1,092 ex USN tanks, 976 armoured vehicles and 80 artileries from the hostiles.

From the first stage of Operation Living Space, came our very first special force unit, the PAF Task Force 620 or PAFTF 620.

Soon our boys will head to Pandeglang and Labuhan and crush the hostile forces.

[Jan Botha/PONA]