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ARMAMENT: 16 23cm M23 series rockets

ARMOUR: shrapnel protection

LENGTH: 22 ft

WIDTH: 8 ft 2 inches

HEIGHT: 9 ft

WEIGHT: 55,000 lbs

RANGE: 300 miles

SPEED: 60 mph

CREW: 2 drivers, 3 crew to operate/reload missiles

ENGINE: 360 hp diesel

PRICE: $800 million PER BATTERY (10 launchers, 4 CCVs,)

The Scorpion is an MLRS system used by the Socialist Macronesian Military.

The vehicle, a transporter-erector-launcher, is built to carry 16 of the M23 23cm MLRS rockets, which are produced in several different variants. The vehicle is not equipped to be dropped from a C-45 or a VALV-C, but can be transported on both. The vehicle is used against ground targets in a variety of ways, such as shoot-and-scoot tactics to avoid counter-battery fire.

The vehicle only has shrapnel protection. Most rockets are unguided, but some use the standard SAT-LINK satellite guidance, which IS ONLY USED IN NON-EXPORTED MISSILES/SYSTEMS. WHEN BOUGHT THE SYSTEMS WILL BE EQUIPPED FOR GPS GUIDANCE UNLESS YOU ARE AN ALLY OF SOCIALIST MACRONESIA. The launcher features electronic fire control systems, which link with the Commissioner Command Vehicles to provide a secure data link between launchers in the battery.

NOTE: SMDA does not sell the Scorpion system individually, you must buy at least a battery worth of launchers and command vehicles due to technological constraints.

The design is used by:
Socialist Macronesian Army