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Burning Legion Ranks and Abilities

The Living Army of Hell. So many questions people always have. How powerful are they? What are the ranks? How do they fight? I am trying today to clarify and answer these.


Abilities and types of Demon:

- New Blood - The most basic demons, slightly stronger and more enduring than average humans, occasionally can summon flickers of fire.
- Defiled - Can summon fire to the extent of a bonfire, superhuman endurance and vigour
- Veteran defiled - Can summon huge blazes of flames, can also teleport in a blaze of flames to somewhere within 30 meters.
- Defiled Seargent - All of Veteran Defiled, can also create infernos of flame that draw in enemies in a small tornado of fire.
- Shadow Seargent - All of Defiled Seargent, can also turn invisible.

Higher ranking generals:

- Spawn Seargent - All of Shadow Seargent, can ressurect fallen men as New Blood to join the Burning Legion.
- Imp Seargent - All of Shadow Seargent, can summon huge billowing flames, can form shapes out of these.
- Baron Seargent - All of Shadow Seargent, can also turn into a cloud of black smoke, in this state he may also possess enemies.

Top ranking general:

- Hell knight - All of Baron, Imp and Spawn Seargent, also surrounded constantly by extremely hot fire, which melts any incoming bullets shrapnel etc. , can teleport anywhere by dissolving into flames and reconstructing from ash elsewhere.


- Sabbaoth - A kind of giant worm like creature that is ridden on by Higher Ranking Generals. It has thick, almost impenetrable hide, and eats humans.