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Changes All 'Round Part III

Xian Jao-Han studied the map on his screen. His forces continued to advance, on foot and via lunar rover, on the outskirts of Tycho Landing. or the past month the battalion had been slogging its way across the lunar surface. Under the orders of Secretary-General Jackson, his men had burned, stolen, shot, and tortured their way this far. Anything and everyone that was of no use to them was pushed out of airlocks. Where there might prove an inconvenient shortage of airlocks, the Terrans simply made new holes and watched as the frozen corpses of men, women, children were shot into vacuum. For too long, the Lunatics had been allowed to make a mockery of their home planet, of their fellow humans, of their species. Their attempt at independence and self-determination was a stain upon the stars. And Colonel Jao-Han was determined to make an example of these scum, no matter the cost in vacuum-frozen blood.
Adam Michaelsen was likewise determined. He was determined to lead his nation, his world, and its people through this latest crisis, and to show the Terrans, once and for all, that Luna was its own world, that Tycho Landing was a sovereign nation, and that absolutely no one was going to kill Tycho's citizens with impunity while he still lived. He called a meeting of the Council and the Colony's defense officials. Local residents had managed to tight-beam transmissions of enemy movements, personnel, and equipment to the Defense Syndicate shortly before they were murdered by the advancing Terran battalion. It was quickly established that the Terrans had been able to mobilize only a single battalion. This single battalion had a primary goal: to conquer or destroy the city-state of Tycho Landing. Secondarily, according to intercepted electronic communications beamed from Terra, the enemy forces were to destroy all medical, agricultural, power-generating, water refining, and other systems essential to human survival on the surface of Luna.

The Colony of Tycho Landing