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Gallery of Iranian Soldiers

Iranian Ground Force Soldiers

Iranian Soldiers in a Parade

Iranian Soldiers Riding
on a M109 SPG

IGF Soldiers During the Iran-Iraq War

IGF Soldiers in Gas Mask
During War Games, Circa. 1995

Gen. Sattar Inspecting a IGF Unit

IGF Soldiers Deployed in Oman

Iranian Ground Force Officers

IGF Soldiers Receiving a Guest of Honor

Troopies During the Battle of Khoramsahr

Troopies During the Battle of Khoramsahr #2

IGF Soldiers in a Tactical Retreat

A Group Photo of IGF Soldiers During the War

Iran Combined Arms Warfare

Spec-Ops Operative in the Shahrbani

Spec-Ops Operatives in the Shahrbani #2

Iranian Gas Masked Gendarmarie

Iranian Soldier Riding on a M-60

Iranian Soldiers on a Break
During the War

Iranian Soldiers in the Chemical Warfare Corps

Iranian Soldiers Trekking in the Winter

Iranian Soldier Conducting War Games in the Desert

Iranian Soldiers Fighting With Gas Masks

Iranian Imperial Guards in Uniform

Imperial Guards Holding a Banner

Iranian Immortals Marching

Iranian Immortals Marching #2

Imperial Guard Cavalryman

Close-Up of Iranian Immortals

Iranian Cavalry March With the Shah Leading

Female Iranian IGF Officer

Female IGF Soldiers in a Ceremony

Iranian Military Nurses in the Medical Corps

Female Iranian Kurdish Irregulars
Serving in the Iran - Iraq War

Female Honor Guard Receiving
the Military Governor of Tehran

Iranian Conscript Aiming Down Her Sight

Iranian Conscripts in Training

Iranian Conscript Women Marching

Iranian Officers Both Men and Women

IGF Formal Uniform

IGF Formal Uniform #2
Iranian Navy Sailors

Iranian Navy Sailors During Inspection

Iranian Navy Officers With the Crown Prince

Iranian Navy Sailors Before Embarking to Oman

Iranian Navy Officers Meeting With the Empress

Female Iranian Navy Officers

A Takavar Commander and His Men

Iranian Soldiers Embarking from a Hovercraft

Takavar Commandos During an Op in Bahrain

Takavar Commandos Fighting Hand-o-Hand Combat

Takavar Group Photo

Takavar Marines Being Inspected by a British Officer

Iranian Marine in a River

Marine Commando Training

The Shah Inspecting a Takavar Unit

Marine Commando War Games

The Shah and the Admirals

On Board an Iranian Warship

The Crew of an Iranian Destroyer

Group Photo of Iranian Sailors

Group Photo of Iranian Petty Officers

NEQAB Iranian Admirals

Iranian Sailors Relaxing in Bahrain

Naval Iranian Sailor

Naval Iranian Bandmember