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Aviación Naval de la Armada de Los Estados Unidos de Mexico

Aviación Naval Mexicana

Mexican Naval Aviation (FAN; Spanish: Fuerza AeroNaval, literally "Naval Air Force"), is the naval air arm of the Mexican Navy.

In the 1990s, the Mexican navy started to acquire Russian-built aircraft and helicopters, including the Mil Mi-2, Mil Mi-8 and Antonov An-32B, also purchasing French, U.S. and German-made helicopters and the Finnish-built L-90 Redigo. In 1999 the Mexican navy started a program to build kit-planes and light helicopters at Las Bajadas, Veracruz.

Prior to the Mexican - Panamanian War, naval aviation received aircraft of Russian and Soviet origin, which were destined for the The Union of Republicas Socialistas de Centroamerica. At the beginning of the war, naval aviation could not intervene in the conflict, because although its forces joined the Air Force, they were far less in number than the total number of aircraft that the Panama Coalition Armed Forces operated. After the conflict, with the subsequent rearmament program of the nation, naval aviation has become a well-equipped armed wing capable of projecting regional force and even beyond.

Enlisted: 15.000 personnel.

56 F-35B Lightnight II

8 Valmet L-90

Maritime Patrol:
30 C-295 MPA ASW Persuader
12 CN-235M-300 MPA ASW Persuader
8 C-212PM-400 ASW Aviocar
16 Beechcraft Super King Air 350i

2 Gulfstream G550
20 C-295 CASA
10 Antonov An-32 Cline
20 Cessna 208 Grand Caravan EX

8 Maule M-7-235B Super Rocket
27 Zlin Z-242L Guru
30 T-6C+ Texan II

AE&W and Reconnaissance Aircrafts:
20 E-2C 2000 Hawkeye
10 Beechcraft Super King Air 350ER
10 Lancair IV-P

150 NFH-90 Caiman
150 AS-565 MB / MBe
11 Bo 105 EC-Super Five
40 EC725AP Caracal
40 UH-60M Blackhawk
30 Mi-17IV/V5 Hip
30 AW-109
20 MD-902 Explorer


F-35B Lightnight II: 56 aircrafts.


Valmet L-90: 8 aircrafts.

Maritime Patrol

C-295 MPA Persuader ASW: 30 aircrafts.

CN-235M-300 MPA Persuader: 12 aircrafts.

C-212PM-400 ASW Aviocar: 8 aircrafts.

Beechcraft Super King Air 350i: 16 aircrafts.


Gulfstream G550: 2 aircrafts.

C-295 CASA: 20 aircrafts.

Antonov An-32B Cline: 10 aircrafts.

Cessna 208 Grand Caravan EX: 20 aircrafts.


Maule M-7-235B Super Rocket: 8 aircrafts.

Zlin Z-242L Guru: 27 aircrafts.

T-6C+ Texan II: 30 aircrafts.

AE&W and Reconnaissance Aircrafts

E-2C 2000 Hawkeye: 20 aircrafts.

Beechcraft Super King Air 350ER: 10 aircrafts.

Lancair IV-P: 10 aircrafts.


NFH-90 Caiman: 150 helicopters.

AS-565 MB/MBe: 150 helicopters.

Bo 105 EC-Super Five: 11 helicopters.

EC 725AP Caracal: 40 helicopters.

UH-60M Blackhawk: 40 helicopters.

Mi-17IV/V5 Hip: 30 helicopters.

AW-109: 30 helicopters.

MD-902 Explorer: 20 helicopters.