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Ayrupe E1891 [WIP]

Ayrupe Eredu 1891

Type: Rifle
Place of Origin: Aizcona

Service History

In Service: 1891 - 1950s
Used by: See Users
Wars: See Wars

Production History

Manufacturer: Ayrupe
Designed: 1891

Specifications [MT3]

Weight: 4 kg
Length: 1,295 mm
Barrel Length: 780 mm
Cartridge: 7.6553mm Ayrupe
Action: Bolt Action
Muzzle Velocity: 640.1 m/s
Feed System: 5 round box magazine
Sights: Iron sights adjustable to 1,900 m

The Ayrupe Eredu (Model) 1891 was a bolt-action rifle of Aizconan origin that saw extensive use in the period between the late 1800s and the beginnings and through the First Imperial War. This was the first rifle model in the line designed and manufactured by Lokadi Ayrupe of the Ayrupe Company.


In the late 1880s and early 1890s the Aizconan Military was in a period of modernization. One of these components of modernization was a new standardized service rifle for the Aizconan Army. Thus the Army put out a contract for a new modern rifle for the Aizconan army. By the end of the contest it came down to three companies' designs, one of which being the Ayrupe Bolt Action Rifle. The Ayrupe design took a large amount of influence from European designs which the company had reverse engineered for its own use. The main features of this rifle would be the ability to use stripper clips to feed the magazine (a revolution in rate of fire), and the introduction of the high performance smokeless powder rimless bottlenecked rifle 7.65x53mm Ayrupe cartridge that they had stolen directly from European designs.

By the time of the trials of the three rifles left in April of 1890, the Ayrupe design was the furthest along in the process with the least defects due to their use of outside designs, where the other two companies went with indigenous design. The Aizconan Army was especially impressed with the stripper clips that were used in the rifle which led to a much higher rate of fire than the other two rifles. Along with that the Ayrupe design was more reliable and was more ergonomically comfortable. At the end of the rifle trials the Aizconan Army selected the Ayrupe design which was designated the Ayrupe E1891. They gave the company a large contract for the rifle.

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One of the principal defining features of the Ayrupe E1891 was a spring-loaded cock on closing bolt action resembling that of the British Lee-Metford, which predates the Ayrupe E1891 by seven years. This development allowed for faster firing and was well received.

The E1891 featured a single-piece solid wooden body running the entire weapon, ending just aft of the muzzle. It contained two bands and iron sights were fitted at the middle of the receiver top and at the muzzle like virtually all other rifles of the time. Overall length of the rifle was just over 50 inches (1270 millimeters) with the barrel contributing to approximately 30 inches (762 millimeters) of this length. Of course, a fixed bayonet was issued and added another 10 inches (254 millimeters) to the design as doctrine of the period still relied heavily on the bayonet charge for the defensive victory.

All variations used the same 7.65mm round-nosed cartridge. Many parts were interchangeable.


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