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State of the Region Address (#4)


For a long time, I had difficulty imagining this day would ever come. In the midst of policymaking, administration, and diplomacy, I had not pondered the end of my term. But, however slowly, I began to wonder about the end and relish in the time I have spent as Secretary-General. I shall utilize the final day of my term to address our growth as a region, my efforts in that vein, some long-warranted expressions of gratitude, my future plans, and the future of our community.

I was inaugurated on July 1st, 2019, nearly a year after I first became a citizen. It began with a bang; I banned one of our most toxic members, an event I do not cherish in memory. This individual cared more about themselves than others wherever they participated, a value leading to the heinous acts. I also later banned a similar individual for election fraud, in which they used the accounts of other citizens to gain an electoral advantage. It is highly unfortunate that individuals within our community sought to act in such ways, but they luckily do not represent the rest of us or our values. It is promising that these incidents, while noteworthy, were few and far between.

The region came of age when I was Secretary-General, mainly outside of my influence. Despite roleplaying remaining a critical activity, we were no longer solely dedicated to fictional writing, and our culture has become diverse and beautiful. Unlike my era, some new players immigrated primarily for government and lawmaking, such as Twelve Titans, Reno Sheriffs Department, Celestiam, and PotaTown. Our laws now stand the test of time, with marvelously crafted statutes and Constitutional Amendments. New awards and distinctions were created to honor those who gave great service to the community. Discord stations, individual channels managed by a single citizen, contribute fascinating creativity. New public channels, such as #hall-of-art and #bits-bytes-beats-beets, developed new strands of culture. The Roleplay Committee, founded by The Honorable New United Carolinas, has grown our roleplay’s world-building and increased citizen participation in community functions. Unlike the beginning of my term, we are not ‘coming of age’ any longer. We know exactly who we are: a group of friends dedicated to creativity, inclusiveness, and diversity of thought and expression. How we go about that expression has never been more rich.

Throughout my two terms in office, I have committed my share of mistakes. In my private capacity, I founded the Progressive Party and championed the formation of other parties in pursuit of political activism. Instead, I feel responsible for spawning new toxicity and division amongst our ranks, as well as providing an incentive for the election fraud that occurred in the fall of 2019. This effort was not the proper direction for our region. Yet, if I can claim anything, I learned from my errors and accepted the consequences of my decisions. In December, I disbanded the Progressive Party, leading the other two parties to follow suit. Despite the fraternity of the Progressives and our electoral victories, I do not regret my decision to put the region over party and others over self-interest. The shared sentiments of my political compatriots when discussing the decision was a testament to the region at-large.

During our coming of age, I learned other significant lessons. Embassies rose and fell, leading me to believe that we should maintain caution regarding with whom we align. Regions that I thought shared our values instead resorted to poaching recruits or harboring misconduct. Interregional unions that I thought had the best of intentions devolved into toxicity. I realized throughout the relations we sought and the negotiations we conducted that many regions and organizations do not share our same sense of inclusiveness and understanding of diversity. We ought to manage our foreign affairs better than I have in the past.

Before I conclude my term, I must individually thank my Secretaries, the people who stood by me, helped the region, and helped me be a better citizen and governor. I will also thank the Founder, who I interacted with frequently in my endeavors.

I am sorry that your time as Secretary of Internal Affairs ended as it did. However, during your time in government, you contributed to the stability of the region when it needed you the most. Thank you for dealing with my requests and putting in your best effort.

While your time as Secretary of Administration was short, I appreciate your work that has been done for the region and your contributions to the roleplay, which cannot be overstated. In retrospect, perhaps SA was not the best position for you, but I appreciate your willingness to assist regardless.

Ventus Prime:
You were an unexpected success story. Our Secretary of Foreign Affairs position has included not-so-glamorous servants, but you are easily among the best. You were proactive, supportive, cognizant of your tasks, and trustworthy. I only hope the Department continues your newfound legacy.

The Sakura Nippon:
It is certain that Secretary of Defense and Information was not the most exciting position. Nonetheless, you were extensively reliable in your tasks. I always knew that you would be available whenever I needed you, and you showed an effective ability for investigation. All I could ask for was someone who is responsive, and that you were. I am proud to confer you the rare First Class Government Award for dealing with me for a full year.

I have no doubt clashed with you before on policy making and legislation. Nevertheless, the stability you provide for the region merely by being involved as Founder, as well as the dedication above and beyond what can be expected, is commendable. I could not have been as effective without your fortitude.

I still remember when we were both Secretaries under Volirum. You have always been dedicated to whatever was required of you, whether it was foreign affairs, mapmaking, or cultural events. Despite your obvious love for roleplay, what you have is rare: the ability to be effective at whatever you set your mind to. The region, and especially I, are incredibly lucky to have you as a Secretary.

New United Carolinas:
You feel like my protégé in many ways. Somehow, you spent 5 months in my Department of Administration as the government’s first employee. Afterwards, you became my second Secretary of Administration, leading the Department in every way I could have hoped. After all this time, you still remain as energized as ever, leading both the DA and the Roleplay Committee to new heights. I am proud and incredibly grateful to call you Secretary, and I know you will succeed with whatever you choose to do in your future.

So then, what is my future? I am sure at least a couple of you care to know. Despite my ability to later run again for Secretary-General, I have no intention to be this region’s head of government ever again. The New West Indies is home to many aspiring citizens who want to participate in government and contribute to the community. It is their time to shine now. In a similar vein, I do not want to become a Secretary again. It is time for me to push towards a new path in the judiciary. As soon as possible, I would like to be the second Region’s Attorney, hoping to continue Celestiam’s legacy of poise and prose. It is a position I have been looking forward to for a long time. I also hope to keep working hard on the wiki, adding dozens of new pages on citizens, topics, and events.

What about our future? The newly-elected Celestiam will not only continue in my footsteps as Secretary-General, but will far exceed whatever I was able to accomplish. He will bring the New West Indies to heights it has never seen before, and I can only hope that I helped pave the way.

In the long-term, I am not sure what it has in store for us, but if I may request anything, it will be as follows. Never give into toxicity. Racism, bigotry, doxxing, or any other kind of hatred and gastly inappropriate behavior have no place in this community. That is easy for me to say, but what does that mean for you? It obviously means that moderators should promote positive conduct and suppress misconduct, as is their constant duty. But each citizen also has an individual responsibility; if you want the New West Indies to continue to be a fun and inclusive place for all, you must maintain good character and encourage others to do so. Report misbehavior, call it out when you see it, and suggest how people can be better. Our community is in each and every one of you, and its success or failure depends on what kind of person you decide to be.

Most of all, support each other. Love each other. With selflessness in hand – plus a little luck – we will flourish to the ends of NationStates.

June 30th, 2020