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The Karma Hub

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Help & Info

Are you -ˏˋ newˊˎ - and hoping to learn more about NationStates and Karma?
➤ Check out Karma's Newbie Guide.

Do you want to join the World Assembly and endorse other nations, but have no idea how?
➤ Check out Please Endorse Tevaris! and How to Endotart.

If you want to know more about how our Discord works before immersing yourself in #the-deets:
➤ Here's an overview of Karma's Discord Roles.

Before you post on the RMB make sure you know the rules!
➤ See Karma's RMB Rules and if you have questions reach out to the Sages!

The Government

Karma has many government departments and organizations. If you're interested in legislation, roleplay, foreign affairs, events and contests, or building the community, we've got it.
Here's a detailed look at Karma's departments, including lists of the players in them:
Collective Karma: Notable Nations

➤ Karma's government is empowered by our constitution, The Guidance.

➤ Karma corresponds with many other regions, which is detailed here: Karma's Foreign Affairs.

➤ Before applying for an embassy with us, be sure to check out our embassy requirements dispatch, Karma's Embassy Requirements.

The People

➤ Karma's official newspaper, The Augury.

➤ World of Karma's Map of Karma.

➤ If you have a dispatch that you think would be useful to other Karmans, please let me know!