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Karma's Newbie Guide

Karma's Newbie Guide

Answering Issues

➤ Answering issues develops your nation into something unique!

➤ Up to four new issues appear every day.

➤ Don't be afraid to dismiss an issue you don't like.

➤ Be sure to check Require confirmation in Settings to prevent accidentally accepting the wrong issue answer!

Staying Alive & Growing

➤ You must log in at least once every 28 days or your nation will Cease To Exist (CTE).

➤ It takes 20 days for your population to reach 62 million, after which population increases by 5-7 million per day.



Time From Creation

250 million

An issue will allow you to name your capital.

90-100 days

500 million

Custom classification. For example: The "Something" of Bitty Kitty.

125-150 days

750 million

An issue will allow you to name your leader.

160-200 days

1 billion

An issue will allow you to name your religion.

196-250 days

Getting Involved: Regional Message Board

➤ The easiest way to get involved in Karma is by getting active on our Regional Message Board (RMB).

➤ Please come introduce yourself on the RMB!

Getting Involved: Discord

➤ We're quite active on discord and it's the best way to get to know us and learn more about NationStates and Karma.

➤ Discord is a free chat program for gamers. More information about Discord can be found at

➤ And here's the link to Karma's discord: LinkKARMA'S DISCORD

Getting Involved: World Assembly

➤ The World Assembly (WA) is the world's governing body, much like the UN in the real world.

➤ Please show your support for Karma by joining the WA and Endorsing Our Delegate.

➤ We like strong endorsement numbers, so endorse as many people as you can, and we'll be sure to endorse you back!

➤ More information about the WA can be found here: LINK.

Blocking Recruitment Telegrams

When you're ready to silence the storm of recruitment telegrams, do the following:

➤ Go to your Telegram Preferences.

➤ Click the Block All button for Recruitment.

➤ Click Update Filter.

Additional Guides & Info

➤ More information about Karma can be found in The Karma Hub.

➤ NationStates has it's own FAQ which can answer many basic questions.

➤ Here's a Super Awesome Guide that goes much deeper into everything NationStates.

Final Thoughts

➤ Don't be afraid to ask questions. We enjoy helping new players understand NationStates.

➤ If you want to see who's who in Karma, check out my dispatch, Collective Karma: Notable Nations.