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Gifted cards

Gifted by Xoriet
Jar Wattinree S2
Myrth S2
The Seeker of Power S2
Pierconium S2
East Durthang S2
Shnailand S2
Feynland Pacific S2
Glealian S2

Gifted by The Atlae Isles
The Atlae Isles S2

Gifted by Rossiyaana
Rossiyaana S2

Gifted by Feu de Glace
The Free Joy State S2

Gifted by Strala
The First German Order S1
New Pacific Order S1
CaveDweller S2
Marinas Island S2
The ashes state S2

Gifted by Twobagger
Twobagger S2

More coming soon

(Note: not all gifts were recorded, if your gift is missing please tell me!)