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Legion of Wolves


Only recently recognized as a legitimate Imperial legion, the Legion of Wolves is a hyper-nationalistic band of militants that until now has been operating on the fringes of Imperial society to uphold Imperial tradition to the best of their ability with what little resources they could scrape together. Unlike other Imperial forces in the Imperial Invasion Forces, most of the "Wolves" never enlisted and many are actually criminals and shady figures from Centrum Proxime. They are best known for their success at adapting Imperial technology, weaponry, and techniques to their own specifications, and the Legion of Wolves has become famous for its bloody and brutal methods of warfare that draws upon their criminal pasts and uses both their expertise in covert operations and intimidation and their technological base to great effect. As a result, they have become a Legion that is both respected and feared, as well as humiliated and despised.
Currently, the Legion of Wolves is focusing on training in Centrum Proxime, the region they have decided to call home, and are working on increasing the Imperial presence there.

The Legion of Wolves does not have a clear founding, though it seems to have formed shortly after the dissolution of the Red Veil Junta. Their first incursion as a united martial body was against the Remo Gang, in which they descended upon their base of operations, Echo Four, with a fleet of eighteen salvaged warships. They assaulted the small, discreet and secret moon colony and began calling it The Den, and referred to it as their main Firebase.
The Wolves continued their vigilante 'reign of terror' for many months afterwards, sacking and intercepting criminal activity in the name of the Emperor and the Empire. They had successfully repelled minor crime rings and pirate crews from the main colonies, but it was in the Battle of CNP-IS-40336 that they had their first encounter with both major organized crime, and the fist of a legitimate-and deeply corrupt-instrument of Imperial law.
In an effort to keep their tax average for the region low, the Patrons in Centrum Proxime were reluctant to report the obviously-powerful vigilante Legion, but at this point the Wolves were doing so well that they had begun to drive away the mercenaries that were keeping the Patrons' worlds safe and the shady traders that were cornerstones of the markets in the region had vanished without a trance, further harming their worlds. They felt that their hand was forced. The Patrons of Caesena and Senones united in ambition and organized their defensive fleets to put an end to their campaign. In CNP-IS-40336, however, the Wolves were enjoying their latest victory-this time against a small pirate fleet on their way to intercept a trade convoy headed to Senones. During this triumph to their victory, however, they were cut short by the arrival of a massive fleet of 'at least 13' ships. They were not hailed by these ships and the fleet immediately opened fire, and the only five vessels of the Legion of Wolves immediately mobilized and began to return fire. The Legion was suffering intense damage and had almost lost one of their ships, until the Defense Fleets of Caesena and Senones arrived. Their superior Imperial ships engaged the mysterious combatants, and the Legion wasted no time in shaking the few ships that followed them and retreated to the Den-to find that it was occupied by those same unknown enemies. The Legion retreated to an unimportant mining system and began to traverse the rich planetary rings and asteroid belts in search for shipwrecks to scrap and reuse to repair their hull. The Wolves were relentless in their search and in no time their ships were patched and restored to some part of their former glory. They returned to their old Den with a vengeful fury and evicted the reavers without mercy, descending in an aggressive assault that would have easily decimated anyone on the planet that didn't flee. They discovered during these raids, however, that those who were inhabiting the Wolves' Den were only remnants of the criminals who had forced them from their 'Firebase.' They were families and children, who were alone and without hope. They buried and seeked forgiveness for the few they killed and became not only defenders of Imperial decree, but also the lost and estranged people that flocked to Imperial shores. The Den became known as the Forge, and the Legion and refugees began working together to improve their lives. First and foremost, however, was finding a new place to call Forge. The world they were currently on, while having a breathable atmosphere, was cold and distant-and worst of all, it was known to far too many criminal gangs as a weak remnant outpost of a decimated pirate clan.
Their new outpost was the only world they could breathe on while being sure that nobody would find them without looking first-it was a frigid moon around a gas giant so large it was classified as a cold star. Forge grew and became an object of legend throughout Centrum Proxime, which many explorers floated out into the vast and distant expanses of space to try and find after hearing legends of a 'lost army of a forgotten nation' and 'strange peoples from across the galaxy living in harmony.' The real Forge was located next to a deep trench and constantly digging itself out of the snow. The climate there forced them to live mainly in large complexes built into the sides of mountains, which made them even more discrete. <wip>