Election 2020: Kuriko 45.6%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 33.2%, Caelapes 11.9%, Valentine Z 9.4%



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Statement from: Minister for Defence

The Minister for Defence, Comrade Berri, confirmed that the Vasilian People's Army has taken defensive positions across the country, securing key areas.
In addition, the Minister announced the start of domestic defence training programs, and signed an order placing industry on war footing. He also noted that, despite grave reservations, the Ministry had activated the nations nuclear war heads, placing them on high alert, and was prepared to use them in defence of the nation. "We have hoped for peace, but our enemies have sued for war. We stand ready to face these challenges. Our forces are ready to defend the nation". In addition, he noted that the submarine forces had been scrambled to begin securing key naval routes, and air force was securing Vasilism's airspace.