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uaie Republic Rangers (uaie New Standards units types)



the units are often ones that one-third of the young men who had reported for their induction examination and physical during that year fail to meet minimum standards--about one-half for low-aptitude and the other half for medical reasons. these units are deployed for infantry or low level field leadership. these units are used to help field forces, the New Standards Men forces. these forces are trained and given training needed to be made as best as possible. the only downside are these units are often having three times the loss rate vs non New Standards Men units. these units are trained to that of reserve units or standard units based upon the state and areas standards. these units are expected to be deployed on or off earth. these are not uaie Ersatz Corps in the terms of not being substitute units but being standard units with lowered standards and expected to fight alongside them without issue. while the uaie Ersatz Corps are substitutes not intended for deployment if not needed.

these units allow more volenteers to serve openly without conscription needing to send unwilling people to the front.

there are

higher training (for these units)

New Standards Men (volunteer)
New Standards women (volunteer)

lower training (for these units)

New Standards Men (conscripted)
New Standards women (conscripted)


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