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uaie Republic Rangers (uaie Ersatz Corps)



also are a corp called the Ersatz Corps (German: Ersatzkorps) (see here for reference: these are recruits whom fail basic training but can be folded here for deployment if replacements are shorthanded or extra forces are needed. these are vital in some wars for survival of many forces. this corp also receives training and whole units are formed in this corp. these forces can eat up quite a bit of older weapons/other types not used by mainstay forces. the Ersatz Corps officers are retired older officers or ones whom failed to join the mainstay forces too. these can be called up (and are at times) in massive numbers. they help form a large number of reserve forces and help guard the material reserve stockpiles not being used actively. (they are formed up as the following : they also have a Ersatz Corps marine corp, navy, air force and even Ersatz Corps storm-trooper corps. even a Ersatz Corps artillery corp and other types of forces. this keeps up a actively massive military. this is why so many weapon types are needed. as the population and personal are so vast in the military. this corp ensures most of the population are viewed fit enough to serve with many retired personal not serving in reserves/militia serve here. all Ersatz Corps are expected to know their weapons enough to operate and must keep them with them in their homes (may keep them after service too). they get the same weapons, vehicles and gear (supplied like) the reserve forces. in this corp also children can be in training for war and be considered ready for war. this means these units may deploy child soldiers / boy soldiers if deemed needed. they also get the oldest weaponry, vehicles, artillery ships, gear and so on. this means they are hard pressed to be very effective in battle in some cases (even sometimes deploying rapidly firing arrow weaponry or muzzle loading cannons (even muzzle loading weaponry/bows/crossbows being common in some forces and much more stored for service if needed (basically any weaponry (some units on record being issued melee weaponry and swords as standard weaponry). they even have their own siege units with their own siege artillery. they also maintain their own mounted troops as well. they even maintain their own tank divisions what are called Ersatz tank divisions. they get whats available (often very old or obsolete designs) and are deployed if needed or felt useful for operations. they also operate siege and coastal defense units for the fact these are relatively easy jobs and frees up better troops for more vital roles as needed (if manpower is short handed). these troops in general of the Ersatz Corps are armed with many weapons especially of the reserve stockpiles and supply. this keeps all types of weaponry in very high demand. also since every person must be able to fight and carry a long weapon (any type of primary weapon) this ensures the weapon storage is very high and keeps many weapon designs in production. this helps keep all forces extremely supplied. they are issued in mass numbers to whole units to keep ammo supply as easy as possible (that's why officers of all types and ages can serve as there a high demand for the various types of forces and units). the Ersatz Corps also have a scout corp to train youth in survival and other activity's that help them in civilian life. these are non combat units and training and only deployed if there is truly no other options available. and yes the youth corp is trained in weapons as well. they also operate as artillery units of various kinds and help forces where needed as well. they also have mounted cav units as well.
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