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Vote World Trade for Senate

[b][size=300] Since the election, this document has been rendered null and void[/size][/b]

[box][centre][size=250]Who Am I?[/size][/centre][/box]
[size=150]World Trade is my second nation, my first being lost to history. I've been playing this game for about 3 years now, and have stayed in many regions, as well as creating my own. I am interested in politics in the real world as well as on NationStates, although I don't do much in the world. I have consistently been involved in regional politics, however, and have been the WA delegate for a region, as well as founding a political party and being part of a now-extinct minor party here in Thaecia. [/size]
[box][centre][size=250]Why am I running?[/size][/centre][/box]
[size=150]We have been through some rough times recently, and I am running for Senate to make Thaecia prosperes. I hope to do this through encouraging the recruitment ministry through debate, and by encouraging the promotion of it. I would also like to encourage more people to get involved in politics, whether that be in the ministries, HoC or Senate. I believe that at the very least our populace should be knowledgeable on politics, so would support efforts to make this dream come true. [/size]
[box][centre][size=250]Why should You vote Me for Senate?[/size][/centre][/box]
[size=150]Well, as you probably already know, I have not been here for very long. What you may not know though, is that this is my third time here, with my last time being with a minor party. This leads to my experience with the politics of this region. However, since I haven't been here very long (this time) it has allowed me to travel and to experience other regions politics. This would hopefully lead to me being able to introduce new and refreshing ideas to the senate. I also take part in debates, like those on gun control and Scottish independence alongside the wonderful chairman of PCT, [nation]Titanne[/nation]. Of course, being part of PCT I will try to encourage their ideas. However, I will say I am an advocate of free speech, although I believe should be everyone's top priority to not offend people, although no repercussions would come from me. Nazis are bad etc.,[/size][size=175] Vote For Me![/size]