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February Happenings in TNP

Press Release

Produced by the LinkOffice of the Delegate of The North Pacific

February 10, 2020 - There is still time left to submit your messages for the Message in a Bottle event! The Message in a Bottle is an event sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, and the purpose of the event is to send kind messages to your fellow TNPers. Submissions for this event are due on the 12th of February, and if you wish to submit one, you can do that Linkhere.

TNP Ally Stargate Successfully Defended by the NPA
During the 2/9/2020 minor update, the North Pacific Army (NPA) successfully defended Stargate, a TNP ally, from a raid attempt. 7 NPA soldiers took part in the defense mission. You can find out more about the operation Linkhere.

Call to Serve ft. Malphe
The newest Call to Serve interview, this time featuring the rat Malphe has been released! It is a generally good interview, and one that might interest you if you are interested in joining the NPA. You can find the interview Linkhere, and remember to upvote the dispatch:

The Call to Serve: General Malphe on why you should join the NPA!

Sponsored by the Ministry of Defence

What is this all about?
This is part of the Call to Serve series that is designed to encourage our nations to join the North Pacific Army!

This interview features General Malphe the ratboi of the North Pacific Army. You can listen in on his interview with Minister for Radio El Fiji Grande to hear more about his experiences in the NPA.

A Chat with Malphe

Listen to the interview Linkhere

Malphe calls you to serve!

If your nation is included in the list below, you have been called to serve in the NPA by General Malphe!*

*Note: joining the NPA is optional (but encouraged!) :D

Habanan, Hairico, Halidad, Ham Federation, Hamerica, Haminkwarea, Hamke, Hangsa, Hanklandia, Haor Chall, Happy Totoro, Harjad, Hatakulamatakatak, Hatchugeria, Hazarium, Heken, Helix Labs, Hellstown, Heloonia, Helvenica, Heminaw, Herzliyya, Hewani, Highbrelands, Highton Islands, Holiuss, Hollow Temple, Holtklava, Holy Alexandrian Empire, Holy Marcus Empire, Holy Oranz, Holy republic of poland, Hong Coon, Hong Kong Empire, Honuhonu, Hosidius, Hospitallar Hydrus, Hrysos, Humptalumpta, Hung, Hunter, Hyperbanus, Hyphen, I have Nukes, Ibiscaton, Ice and Tinian, Iceland People, Iceria, Idumetala, Iconic Republic, Ihese, Ikilandia, Ilesr, Ilirricum, Ilisseia, Illderia, Immenium, Impact antima, Imperial Joseon, Imperial nation of 1, Impyriath, Ind Vamastan, Independent Halls, Indiana Hoosier nation, Indo-Pacifica, Infinitis, Ingjorp, Interdimensional Zone, Irishvan, Ischaemia, Iron Cladia, Iskcandar, Island States of Skelldia, Itanland, Itallitopia, Its Hell, Iudaeah, Ivan Islanar, Ivy Rekkia, Jarkalia, JAOECW536, Jasmini, Jasminlandia, Javrad, Jellies Island, JesseltonTM, JMingozela, Joevala, Joodey, Jovian Knights, Judetene, Kakastania, Kalatona, Kalimora Aire, Kalythia, Kamohoalii, Kamura, Kandivia, Kanlidia, Kaozakstan, Kappacon, Kara Denome, Karazan, Karovech, Karson, Kasazzastan, Katzinky Most, Kazarkushk, Keistann Ray, Kelvaros Prime, Kenatara, Kerri2, Keventle, KhalChicken, Khayamala, Khazkevar, Khoik, Killiania, Kinegiener, Kingdom Of Manaf, Kinglaund, KingT, Kinler, Kitabo, Kitty Terrorists, Klegsethgrad, Koala Park, Kobagia, Koda-Land, Kolofia, Konar, Kozovo, Krakabossa, Kranostav, Krasny, Krauhn, Kristalmaan, Kroken, Kromi, Kubrostavsria, Kuda1, Kulgatha, Kundam, Kuveria, Kwaj, Kyoki Chudoku,

Malphe convinced me! How do I join the NPA?

You can join the NPA Linkhere or contact Minister of Defence Trondstorm if you have any questions!

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Gameside Advocates Survey
Do you like your Gameside Advocates? Do you have any suggestions for how the Gameside Advocates could better perform their duties? Give them your opinion on how they are doing in this survey that was recently released by the TNP Home Affairs here: Linkhere .

If you have any further questions, you can contact Press Secretary ROM.