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Space Lasers! [RETCONNED]

Jupiter Base, New Imperial Britannia.

1300 Hours.

"Did you hear? The new weapon's going online today!"


These were only two soldiers in the huge space station, its fusion core drawing power from the vast hydrogen reserves of Jupiter.

And closest to the reactor was a ring whose existence was never explained.

Until now.

It takes the gamma radiation produced by the fusion core, and stores it until released.

A beam with unprecedented power, but only a fraction of the might of gamma bursts in space.

A weapon of mass destruction.

But one needs not worry, His Majesty's Royal Space Corps remains in the Jupiter base.

It will stay that way, unless someone might attack the Eternal Empire.

An asteroid in the asteroid belt.

It's a rather large asteroid, shiny and metallic.

But not for long.

A beam of gamma rays, invisible to the naked eye, gathers on the firing port of the HMS Victorious.

And it fires.

Just a fraction of a second later, the asteroid melts into a ball of molten metal.