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Auphelian Jewel Exhibition - Sofia, 2020

T H E  E X H I B I T I O N

Timeless elegance.

Boundless class.

That certain mystique, an air of grace that shows the teeming masses that you are not only better than them, but so much more sophisticated than they could ever dream of being.

This is what the Auphelian Jewel Exhibition brings to you. The Auphelian Royal Vault Estate contains the largest and most valuable collection of jewellery in the world in the Auphelian Jewel Collection. In this carefully curated exhibition, combining jewels from various Auphelian storage and display vaults from Vancouver to Jakarta, these stunning gems and pieces of jewellery are available for the viewing pleasure of the masses. The exclusive view of the seldom seen masterpieces by the likes of Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Boivin, along with several never-before-seen jewels promises to be the experience of a lifetime.

Hosted in the exterior vaults and halls of the Palace of Heavenly Pleasures, owned by the Sultana of Auphelia, the public collection will be available through tours that can be scheduled in advance at the exhibition's website. All tour times are set in Sofia, Bulgaria's local time. Several select works of art and antiquities from the palace will also be available for public viewing.

A private exhibition will also be hosted during this event, where invited guests of the Sultana will be escorted into the interior vaults for a personal tour by the Sultana and a series of fittings to wear some of the world's greatest jewels. Valid identification must be provided to the Royal Guard and invitations are extended to named guests only, unless otherwise stated. Additional guests not provided official clearance in advance are forbidden.

T H E  P U B L I C C O L L E C T I O N

Below are several examples of the 472 pieces that will be on display during the exhibition.

T H E  P R I Z E C O L L E C T I O N

These are among the most valuable pieces shown in the public collection for the duration of the exhibition. Access may be limited as circumstances change.

The Heart of Auphelia Diamond, necklace setting by Tiffany & Co., 1936
Acquisition: 1428
Stone Estimated Value: £59.7 million
Complete Estimated Value: £61.9 million

World's largest fancy vivid orange diamond
Acquisition: 2016
Estimated Value: £37.6 million

Belle Époque diamond Devant de Corsage brooch, Cartier
Acquisition: 2018
Estimated Value: £19.7 million

Diamond and Enamel Aigrette, Mellerio dits Meller, 1820-40's
Acquisition: 1952
Estimated Value: £1.3 million

Carved emerald with interchangeable mounting, Cartier, 1890's
Acquisition: 1999
Estimated Value: £1.1 million

Antique diamond riviere necklace, Creator Unknown
Acquisition: 1889
Estimated Value: £2.9 million

Emerald and diamond necklace, Van Cleef & Arpels, 1929
Acquisition: 2000
Estimated Value: £9.6 million

La Peragrina, Cartier, 1960's
Acquisition: 2008
Estimated Value: £11.9 million

T H E  G E N E R A L C O L L E C T I O N

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires shine bright in this collection from the world's best minds. The public collection is available for all to view.

Art Nouveau sapphire, enamel and diamond ring by Rene Lalique, circa 1900
Acquisition: 1943
Estimated Value: £83,800

Tourmaline and smokey quartz ring by Rene Boivin, 1930s
Acquisition: 1987
Estimated Value: £37,000

Sapphire and diamond ring by Bulgari, 2010
Acquisition: 2017
Estimated Value: £615,000

Art Deco diamond and lacquer brooch by Raymond Templier, 1929
Acquisition: 1929
Estimated Value: £71,300

Two tone gold emerald ring, 1989
Acquisition: 2001
Estimated Value: £296,500

Art Nouveau enamel and emerald dragonfly ring by Lucien Gaillard, circa 1900
Acquired: 1954
Estimated Value: £15,700

Gold, sapphire, diamond, and peridot necklace, Bulgari, 1934
Acquired: 1941
Estimated Value: £252,900

Art Deco coral, diamond and enamel fibula brooch by Janesich, 1930s
Acquisition: 1977
Estimated Value: £19,600

Fire of Shiraz Ruby
Acquired: 1834
Estimated Value: £89,000

Heart shaped fancy vivid yellow diamond
Acquired: 2011
Estimated Value: £49,000

Fancy brownish red diamond
Acquired: 1801
Estimated Value: £345,000

Art Nouveau aquamarine and enamel thistle devant-de-corsage by René Lalique, circa 1899
Acquisition: 1902
Estimated Value: £223,100

Art Nouveau diamond, enamel and glass Hawthorn brooch by Rene Lalique, 1899 - 1901
Acquired: 2013
Estimated Value: £111,100

Platinum, moonstone, lapis lazuli, and diamond necklace, Tiffany & Co., 1915
Acquisition: 1929
Estimated Value: £106,000

Emerald, onyx and diamond pendant necklace by Georges Fouquet, 1925
Acquisition: 2004
Estimated Value: £948,600

Rothschild Canary Diamond
Acquired: 1989
Estimated Value: £105,000

Gold, sapphire, and diamond pendant, necklace, and ear clip set, Van Cleef & Arpels, 1937
Acquisition: 1961
Estimated Value: £195,000

The Virgil Emerald
Acquisition: 1876
Estimated Value: £29,100

Ivory, sapphire, lapis lazuli, diamond brooch, Cartier, 1981
Acquisition: 1981
Estimated Value: £39,000

Untitled Sapphire
Acquisition: 1745
Estimated Value: £43,500

Art Nouveau opal, enamel and pearl pendant necklace by Georges Fouquet, circa 1900
Acquired: 1911
Estimated Value: £788,000

Ivory, coral, and onyx pendant, Cartier, 1960's
Acquired: 1975
Estimated Value: £92,900

Art Deco platinum, emerald, and diamond bracelet, Cartier, 1930's
Acquisition: 1945
Estimated Value: £299,300

Gold, moulded glass, and enamel ring, Rene Lalique and Tiffany, turn of 20th Century
Acquisition: 1903
Estimated Value: £370,600

Art Nouveau enamel, chrysoprase and pearl brooch by Rene Lalique, circa 1898 - 1899
Acquired: 1900
Estimated Value: £139,000