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Breaking News! Green, clean cars now legal!

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The Snudgeskooge’s Palace Herald

2 minutes ago

Breaking News! Green, clean cars now legal!

The Snudgeskooge's Palace Herald Breaking News!

After months of debate, outlining of solution and thorough planning, the Snoodian government has officially decided to legalise cars. The new Snoodian Prosperity Car is to be rolled out following the construction and testing of hydrogen fuel cells that will allow the cars to be environmentally friendly. To facilitate this, hydrogen fuel plants will be constructed across the country.

A massive driving instruction program is to be rolled out within weeks of this announcement with the aims of helping citizens understand how to drive the new cars while equipping people with the confidence to use the cars, given their inherently dangerous nature.

Over the past few years, government scientists have produced many green energy engines which allows for quick, effective travel that takes into account the hugely negative environmental impacts of traditionally powered cars. All cars will be tracked and logged in a new government database to ensure continued national security and the safety of pedestrians.

Government regulations shall ensure the safety and happiness of all citizens within the empire and a new government health initiative has been announced with all citizens urged to use their bikes just as often as before. This has been done to ensure the continued health and fitness of all the empire's subjects. Any who come forward will be put on a program of driving lessons though anyone found with a car that falls outside the government regulations or any group found supplying or manufacturing any cars without going through proper government channels will be subject to pre-legalisation treatment.

The head of the Imperial Snoodian Road Association (ISRA) had this to say: 'We're so glad the government has legalised cars. They may be less conducive to continued fitness than bikes but with proper regulation and the exercise awareness program that's coming out, people will be properly informed and be able to get the necessary help and advice. This is a welcome development in government policy we think will help people feel comfortable with driving cars, something that we, in our modern age, need to do.’.

Written by Justin Jautin, Editor of The Snudgeskooge’s Palace Herald.

May we civilise the world with an iron fist.