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How a group of nudist, gay, polygamous, kale-smoothie-drinking hippies got hold of an aircraft carrier, and what they did with it after that

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Mzeusia wrote:OOC: However this might come across to anyone, this post is a serious post. It is not made as a joke to disregard.

In the beautiful bay of Diolus there was an aircraft carrier. It had been there for about a decade after it was decommissioned and it had become something of a tourist attraction. About a year after it went out of service a large group of odd men and women petitioned the government to inhabit the ship for themselves. After much debate and backlash from the conservatives in government, this request was eventually agreed to, much to the amusement of the international and domestic press. The group that moved in was named Hippie Power.

When they marched to the ship, a large Gay Pride flag could be seen, carried by the first of them to board. It was raised above the ship moments after that woman disappeared inside the ship. When the group boarded the vessel it was also obvious to all watching that they were a very diverse group. Nearly half of them were nudists and a good proportion of the other half were wearing dreadlocks and tie-dye shirts. Many had cigarettes in their mouths, and one or two had multiple types. The group proudly admitted that these cigarettes were not exclusively nicotine based. After a few weeks it became clear that the hippies were not done with making their changes to the carrier. The media covering the story noted the wooden crates appearing on deck. They were filled with soil and dispersed throughout the ship. From these beds grew many stalks of brilliant green kale which the hippies could often be seen harvesting and using to drink kale smoothies. There was also an attempt to grow almonds so that the hippies could drink almond milk but this plan was deemed unfeasible.

Over the decade during which the ship had sat in harbour, naked and half-naked men and women could be seen lounging on deck, harvesting kale and holding many gay, polygamous wedding ceremonies. They also sang about love, peace and uniting the world. Candles often lit up the deck on seemingly random occasions.

Following the news of the blockade by Mussoliniburg and others, the hippies have apparently decided that their presence is demanded over there and with flower-crowns in their hair and waltz music blasting out into the harbour, the hippies cleared out the kale from the engine and set sail. It would be a long journey, but an aircraft carrier hosting a few hundred nudist, polygamous, gay hippies was on its way to the Musoliniburgian blockade.

Mzeusia wrote:

The hippies had had big dreams when they had set out. Riding the unofficially named ship Hippie Power out into the waves had seemed like the perfect idea. Protesting against the blockade, sipping kale-smoothies on the deck while basking in sunny drug-filled bliss was a paradise compared to their previous situation. They had had freedom in the Mzeusian harbour, but out amongst the waves, with nothing but sacrifices to the sea gods keeping the waves calm, had seemed unbelievably liberating. Now however, with the international situation changed, the hippies were left without their destination. No destination meant no glorious protests, and no glorious protests meant no international fame.

Various ideas had been floated, but most of them were rather impractical. The fact was that they were running out of kale and they weren't growing much else. No amount of peace and love could save them from malnutrition at the hands of an enforced all-kale-diet.

It was soon decided that sailing back to Mzeusia was the only option. Not wanting to go into a foreign port, they sent out an urgent request for food. The Mzeusian government responded with several helicopters loaded with food. One hippie faction demanded an immediate peace, but the more rational faction advocating for sensible food consumption won out.

Despite this new destination and with it, a new purpose, disappointment cracked his whip on the backs of all aboard. Even with the copious amount of hallucinogens taken to cope, there were no illusions about what would have transpired should the protest have gone ahead. A conflict, especially a peaceful one with Mussoliiburg would have been a righteous, just, and invigorating affair. It would have spurred the world to further action, and the hippies would have been the cause.

It took three days before someone came up with a plan. The hippies could simply arrive back in Mzeusia with as much pomp and circumstance as possible. If they couldn't draw attention to themselves one way, they would do it another. The Mzeusian press would most likely cover their return whatever they did, but a fabulously kale-filled nudist party would do wonders for their image. The men and women assembled on deck and orders were given. Some were put to work on flower chains, others repainted parts of the ship with brighter, more flowery designs, and others brushed up on their dancing, leading a sizeable number in synchronised dancing on deck, much to the interest of a passing cruise ship. The largest group, however, were locked into a debate about the future of the ship.

This debate dominated the discussion. The older hippies couldn't remember such a time in their history when everyone was so divided. Whether to plant kale or sweet potatoes as the primary vegetable on ship had come close, and that terrible episode still left some in cold sweats.

Staying in Mzeusia and waiting for the next conflict was one idea put forward. Those taking up arms for that position argued that patience was a core value for hippies. Another group said that once in harbour, the hippies should focus all their energy on kale-growth and petitioning the government for more land. A slick advertising campaign, they said, would rally more hippies to their cause. The backers of this idea were not united, however. A subgroup decided that declaring the First Hippie Reich would be the best marketing strategy, but after being threatened with being pushed overboard, those hippies quietened down. Perhaps the plan with the most support however, advocated for a resupply in Mzeusia, diversification of crops to make the ship sustainable, and then embarkation out into the Lazarene oceans for an epic journey with the aim of spreading hippie values to all.

As the hippies sailed back to Mzeusia, many paths lay open to them.

OOC: After the termination of the initial RP the hippies were involved with, I am busy deciding on a new future for them. Who knows where they will sail next?