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The ABCís of Thaecia

A is for Andusre, who founded this place,
And once won a very close Prime Minister race.

B is for Brototh, he loves his roleplay,
and will oft be the first one to betray.

C is for Cerdenia, the pirate himself,
whose many memes do lie on his shelf.

D is for Deppendants, JM extraordinaire,
who destroys court cases with quite a bit of flair.

E is for ElBaron, the JM from before,
Whose great contributions, we cannot ignore.

F is for Fishergate, the other Pirate guy,
He and Xernon? They donít see eye to eye.

G is for Great memel, and he made the RP,
But much more recently, heís decided to let it be.

I is for Ilefeb, who used to represent,
But now he toils harder to get his message sent.

J is for Joshua winter, only of the only Jís,
Heís been here for a while, a hundred or so days.

K is for Korsinia, our first and only god.
Heís got devoted people, a big almighty squad.

L is for Lemonadia, the newest court justice,
He used to be an MP, donít worry, you can trust us.

M is for Malgudie. Weíre not sure about him.
For all we know, heís an alien man named Tim!

N is for New Deepayantendoland. Oh my,
What a long name, says I!

O is for Orslan, a law abiding citizen,
He inhabits the same region weíre all liviní in.

P is for Pacara. Oh joy,
Itís everyoneís favorite communist boi!

Q is for Quellestromania. Oh dear,
Finding a rhyme for that causes quite a fear!

R is for Rayekka, our current leader,
Andusreís famed succeeder.

S is for Saint ryvern, the first head of the courts,
who is certainly not covered head to toe in warts!

T is for Titanne, and Titanne is for me.
Who else did you think this spot would be?

U is for Uppenja, who I donít know much about.
Maybe heís a lilí teapot, short and stout?

V is for Vaathinia, of whom I know even less.
Who he is could be anyoneís best guess!

W is for World Trade, he founded a region,
yet like us, he hates the Norwegian Region Legion!

X is for Xernon, that other founder dude,
but some consider his banjections to be quite rude!

Y is for Yorkshire and new bristol, one Y I found,
I guess the rest of them just straight up drowned!

Z is for Zon island, heís the best greeter,
the amount of welcome posts could fill a whole litre!