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The A.R.D.s Entry into the Norldian Alliance

-- -- Secretary of State Address to the Public-- --
When does the world stabilize itself and come back to reason? When the Public outcry is large enough to warrant there notice! And we have done this! Because of OUR public and OUR statements, peace is creeping back into the Region! But, not quickly enough. By the time ceasefires had gone into effect, thousands had died already. Because of this atrocity, we have seen ineffective we were, particularly in dealing with nations that weren't willing to put the good of their people before their political agenda. In order for the good of International Civilians, the Republic of Darmapalha will put the matter to an emergency vote, effective now, every member of the Armed Republic of Darmapalha over the age of 16 that has been five years released from prison shall have a single vote either AYE or NAY to join the Norldian Alliance. All voting will cease at 9 tonight, all votes will be tallied at 12 am. OOC: I'll release the results at 9 on the night of the 19th of January, Eastern Standard Time.