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10000 Islands National Animal Competition - Part 1

10000 Islands National Animal Competition

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Welcome all to the first event held by the Linknewly formed Cultural Office here in XKI!

Have you ever wondered how your national animal stacks up against the national animals of your region-mates? National animals are a source of pride for a nation and an extension of national power and influence. The right national animal projects that your nation is a power player in international affairs. The wrong national animal signals weakness and naivety.

How the Competition Works

Between now and 1/24 at midnight Eastern Time nations may sign up by submitting their national animal to Cultural Officer HumanSanity. To sign up, either telegram HumanSanity, send HS a Linkforum PM, or Discord PM at humansanity#9270. I will then split nations into evenly divided groups for the preliminary rounds based on how many entries I receive.

Between 1/25 and 1/30 a series of NS game-side polls will be run to determine which national animal in a group is the winner given a criteria specified in the poll. The criteria will be prepared by Cultural Officer HumanSanity and will not be shared with anyone else. National animals will be randomly assigned to groups and criteria will also be randomly assigned to groups. Each preliminary round poll will be 24 hours long and the final round poll will be 48 hours long. In each preliminary round, a certain number of the top vote receiving national animals will "make it" to the final round. After running all of the preliminary rounds, a final round poll will be held to determine the 10000 Islands National Animal Competition winner!

Awards and Incentives

Any nation that enters the competition will be entitled to claim a 1000 Taco reward on the forum. If your national animal advances to the final round your reward will increase to 5000 Tacos. The overall runner up will receive 10000 Tacos and the winner will receive 25000 Tacos. The winner will also receive eternal bragging rights. Prizes will be distributed upon the conclusion of the competition!

Rules & Regulations

-all National Animals that are submitted must be your actual National Animal on your main nation in 10000 Islands. You are welcome to change it for the purpose of this competition.
-all submissions must meet NationStates site rules. This includes that national animals that are sexually suggestive, derogatory, or otherwise obscene will not be accepted. The Cultural Officer reserves the right to reject any submission they deem to be inappropriate.
-lobbying in the Linkdesignated forum thread and on the RMB is encouraged. However, please be respectful of other contributors. If you wish to advertise in other ways, the Regional Reserve's Linkadvertising rules apply. Please do not harass others who have already voted to change their votes - that's just rude.
-all 10000 Islands residents are permitted to vote! However, do not use puppets to cheat the voting process. If the Cultural Officer observes this, you will be disqualified from the competition.
-the Cultural Officer reserves the right to add additional rules as required.

Sign ups are now open - send a telegram or PM to HumanSanity!

The Lacking of HumanSanity