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Articles of Federation

The articles of Federation are a form of temporary governing legislation. Made by the founder as a basis of principles all nations must abide by. Until proper officials are voted in and a proper governing legislation is drafted.

Article 1
All nations will adhere by nationstates rules. Any nation that does not follow these rules, will be given a formal warning. If the problem persists, said nation will be subject to ejection from the region.

Article 2
All nations reserve the right to choose their own issues. No nation will be forced to adhere to a certain side.

Article 3
All nations will endorse the founder and the WA delegate. This is to ensure that if the delegate is inactive. The founder may still play a role in the WA.

Article 4
RP is only for nations who are WA members.

Article 5
All elections will be held over the course of 3-4 days. This will apply to all admin spots as they come.