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jobs of officers

Chairmans: Elected Supreme leaders of the ISAL.
Duties: To guide regional politics and defend the regional right of democracy.
Term: elected once a year one nation can only serve in the position 3 times in a row before having to step away. May run again after their first successors term is over. Election is held for the job every January 2nd through 4th and the new Chairpersons will be sworn in one the 17th of January. Until then that person will be given limited power as Chairperson elect.
Does have the power to remove anyone in the region but the other chairperson and the governors. May remove delegate and vice delegate if there is evidence that they are breaking our constitution.

Delegate: To represent the ISAL in the WA
Duties: To show the ISAL interests to the WA and act on behalf of the Chairpersons.
Term: Serves in the position until a person gains more endorsements than them unless it is more than 2 years. If they are in the position for more than two years they will be dismissed from office. In this cas the person with the most WA endorsements after them shall begin there tenure as WA delegate.

Vice delegate: To assist the delegate however he/she needs
Duties: To give reports to the chairpersons on the security and interests of the region from the WA delegate
Term: Elected every January 4th. Can serve in the position as long as you are elected until a new WA delegate asks you to resign. Can remove an abusive WA delegate from power after getting permission from the chairpersons in which they will become acting delegate if they are a WA nation or Chief delegate temp ore if they are not.

Chief delegate pro tempore: To act as delegate until a chairmen approved delegate replaces the old one.
Duties: Remove anyone who tries to become delegate until an election is held.
Term: At the discretion of the Chairpersons.
This position may rarely or never be used as it is only for emergencies and it's power is nullified by the chairs.

Governors: Democratically elected sheriffs of the nations under there jurisdiction.
Duties: Maintain order with nations with the first letters they serve.
Term: a 2 year office. Can only run to be governor of the category they go under.
They are only allowed to ban and eject nations under their list of first letters. They will be removed by the chairpersons by way of a democratic poll if they abuse their power.

Supreme Leader: nondemocratically elected power-broker of the ISAL
Duties: enforce that the rules of the constitution are being followed by all government officials
Term: Life or until resignation. This job will be held by Eastbrook-charlotte for 55 years or until resignation, which ever comes first. If something is to make Eastbrook-charlotte unable to serve the longest serving chairman or Chairwoman that is in office at that time is to become supreme leader if Eastbrook-charlotte has yet to name a successor, If he has then the beginning of this clause is to be null and void. The Supreme leader is to be above the legal system but not above the law. Can change the constitution at there leisure.