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Government [GH]

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We the leaders of Cape of Good Hope lay down this Charter in the interest of furthering peace and stability amongst our nations.

[i]1. Values[/i]
All nations residing in Cape of Good Hope are hereby declared to be equal under the law, and are therefore entitled to equal treatment in all matters of state. Furthermore, the government of each sovereign nation shall not be constrained by regional legislation within its borders.

[i]2. Regional Message Board[/i]
Messages transmitted to the region at large via the Regional Message Board are to be coherent and have some worthwhile substance. Nations in disregard of this regulation shall face suppression, and potential banishment for particularly egregious offenses.

[i]3. The World Assembly[/i]
The region is not to mandate World Assembly membership for any resident nation. Should a nation choose to accept membership in the World Assembly, it is bound to comply with that organization's regulations, and prohibit any puppet states it controls from accepting a simultaneous membership. Such a serious attempt to deceive a nation's fellow residents can only be met with banishment.

The region is not to enforce any policy involving World Assembly endorsements. Endorsements may be exchanged freely by all resident nations capable of doing so.

[i]4. Regional Administration[/i]
1. The region is governed by the Good Hope Authority. This is an administrative body rather than a legislative one, and serves to maintain the region's major functions.
2. No more than eight officials make up the Good Hope Authority, though some of these may go unfilled while a search is conducted for a suitable candidate. These positions are as follows: founder, delegate, Head of Roleplay, Cartographer, Diplomacy Officer, Historian, Recruiting Officer, Surveyor.
3. The founder is to be the final authority in the region, with the power to make changes to regional settings or modify this charter at will. This position is held permanently by August.
4. The delegate is to be elected through endorsements only. There are no limits or requirements concerning the exchange of endorsements. The delegate is always to have full executive authority.
5. Officials of the Good Hope Authority may be appointed and modified at will by the founder or delegate.

[i]5. Regional Military and Defense[/i]
1. The only military organization that is permitted to operate within the borders of the region is the Augustin Alliance Joint Task Force (JTF). No other military organization may be established in the name of the region.
2. In times when the Joint Task Force is inoperative, the delegate may approve the creation of a regional military force.
3. No outside military organization may solicit residents for membership at any time.

[i]6. Changes and Addenda[/i]
1. Proposed changes or addenda to this charter are to be implemented through region-wide vote.
2. Votes on any proposal are to be held through regional polls.
3. In order to be implemented, any proposal must gain at least 67% of all votes cast.

[Authored by [nation=noflag]caffeine addicts[/nation] and edited by [nation=noflag]august[/nation]]

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[anchor=goodhopeauthority][/anchor][box][center][url=#goodhopeauthority][size=170][font=palatino][i][color=#009696]Good Hope Authority[/color][/i][/font][/size][/url][/center][hr]

Founder: [nation=noflag]august[/nation]
Responsibilities: Various.
Authority: Executive.

Delegate: [nation=noflag]bearded_dragones[/nation]
Responsibilities: Vote on WA resolutions, encourage endorsements between residents, appoint officials.
Authority: Executive.

Head of Roleplay: [nation=noflag]monsone[/nation]
Responsibilities: Plan and moderate regional roleplays, assist players in developing characters and nations; effective leader of the region.
Authority: Appearance, Border Control, Communications, Embassies, Polls.

Diplomacy Officer: [nation=noflag]rei_khan[/nation]
Responsibilities: Enforce the embassy policy, seek relations with other like-minded regions.
Authority: Embassies.

Cartographer: [nation=noflag]north_south_north_west_kansas[/nation]
Responsibilities: Maintain the regional map.
Authority: Communications.

Records Keeper: [i][color=gray][Vacant][/color][/i]
Authority: None.

Surveyor: [nation=noflag]oateria[/nation]
Responsibilities: Post fun and interesting polls and RMB questions for residents on a regular basis.
Authority: Polls.

RMB Moderator: [nation=noflag]aerlanica[/nation]
Authority: Border Control.

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[anchor=embassypolicy][/anchor][box][center][url=#embassypolicy][size=170][font=palatino][i][color=#009696]Embassy Policy[/color][/i][/font][/size][/url][/center][hr]

Requests from regions meeting any of the following criteria will not be accepted.

1. A high percentage of the population consists of puppets.
2. There is a high risk of collapse. Common indicators include very recent founding dates, political instability, low numbers of nations, and low levels of activity.
3. The bulk of the activity consists of spam.
4. The region already possesses at least thirty embassies.

Furthermore, a reason to establish an embassy must be supplied by the requesting party. Keep in mind that RMB embassy posting is permitted for all residents, and that the embassy region's name will be displayed below the Cape of Good Hope's WFE.

Embassy Closure: The Delegate and Diplomacy Officer of the Cape of Good Hope reserve the right to close embassies with regions of their choosing for any of the following reasons:

1. The region is no longer active, as indicated by one or more of the following:
	A. The region no longer has a World Assembly Delegate.
	B. The Founder of said region has ceased to exist.
	C. The region no longer has an active Regional Message Board.
2. The reason for an embassy no longer applies.
3. The aforementioned region and the Cape of Good Hope have not maintained an active relationship and are not anticipated to in the foreseeable future.

Augustin Alliance member regions are exempt from this policy.

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