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Roleplay in Eletheria - A Primer [In Development]

Roleplay in Eletheria

Eletheria: a planet millions of light years away from Earth, and the home to the future of humanity.
When humanity laid down their roots and called the planet their new home,
they were, for the first time in their history, one united force.

In time, that fell apart.
The planet was divided into countries; some would be allies, some would be enemies,
but the unified force of humanity working together had become, once again, a fantasy.
No one remembers what caused that divide, but it was during that event, that contact with Earth was lost.

2020 years have passed since then, and for the people of Eletheria, the idea of there ever being an Earth
or a home before Eletheria is largely mocked and scoffed at. There are, of course, some who still believe and hope
that one day the mysteries of their history will once again be revealed.

Create your country; discover the secrets of Eletheria... or conquer it.
Note: You need to be a WA Nation to get involved with RP

How to Play

The Map of Eletheria

Credit to Kilaguni for designing the map


Types of Roleplay

The Story So Far...