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Tools of the Card Farming Trade updated 1/17/2020

This serves as a collection and distribution site for any of 9003's Card related coding projects.

All of these codes abide by the rate limit and use the API and can be found here on my LinkNS google drive

AskBid: A helpful code that finds every bid or ask that you currently have on a list of nations.

Simple name searching program. Input 9003it will only return 9003 not 90030or 90033:

Deal finder: Searches a list of cards for any that have a current Ask at or Below MV

OwnerReport: Prints out every card that has less then a set threshold of owners on your puppets

If you would like the source code for any of these projects please reach out to 9003 and I will gladly send it your way. Likewise any questions you may have on how to operator the codes just send me a TG.

General steps:
Put your puppets in the name.txt file
Run the .bat file and the code will do the rest