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Democratic Federation of Malaysia Government

Position of Democratic Federation of Malaysia Members

Founder - Kelantan State
Head of State / Hold Executive Power

Council of Minister

  • Elected by citizens

  • Responsible for the government tasks

  • Prime Minister hold the right to appoint his deputy or not

  • Minister can appoint his deputy or any ministry officer.

  • Only Council of Minister can proposed constitution amendment

  1. Prime Minister - Head of the Government / WA Delegate

  2. Deputy Prime Minister - Vice Delegate

  3. Minister of Defense - Bachok
    Head of Defense

  4. Minister of Youth, Culture and Community - Malayan Tigris
    Chairman of Discord and Role Play

  5. Minister of Home Affairs - Mindanao and Borneo
    Head of Homeland Security and Immigration department

  6. Minister of Foreign Affairs - Mahawangsa
    Head of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Department

  7. Minister of Media and Communication - Kamunting
    Chairman of Media Council

    Legislative Council

    • Regional citizens will gain automatic entry into the council

    1. Speaker - Candidates nominated by Prime Minister then vote by Council Members

    2. Council Members - Proposed and vote for bill / Vote for constitution amendment brought by CoM

      Judicial Branch (Supreme Court of the Region)

      1. Chief Justice

      2. Attorney General

      Media Council

      1. Head of Media

      2. Journalists

      Election Commission

      1. Chairman of the commission

        (03 April 2020 update)

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