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Former President James H. Walker

Former President of the Republic of Grand Abaco
James Howard Walker
Personal Info


27 November 1984


Cooper, North Abaco




Stephan D. Walker


Katrina Walker



Sexual Orientation:



Diana Hubert

Ideology Info

Political Party:

Free Nationalist Party



Addressed to as:

Mr. President or Lieutenant

Political Ideology:

Patriotic Conservative

Economic Ideology:

Free market capitalism

"Every Grand Abacoan deserves the rights to freedom, liberty, property, prosperity, security, the pursuit of happiness, and much, much more for we are a people's whom don't uphold these basic rights, we, as a nation are nothing." óJames H. Walker's inaugural address

James Howard Walker is the 5th Grand Abacoan president. He was elected in 2012 and was reelected in 2016 on a patriotic and conservative agenda. He ended his second term in 2020. He succeeded Christian Dole as president, with Helen Jimenez succeeding Walker.

Early Life
J. Walker was born in a child's hospital in Cooper, a city in southern North Abaco in late November of 1984. His mother was a surgeon at the Cooper Children's Hospital, while his father was a pilot and a volunteer firefighter. In his early childhood, James was said to be very interested in politics and debating with his closest friends.

He attended Cedar High School and was the president of the debate club winning the Outstanding Debate Award in his Junior and Senior years. After graduating Cedar H.S, he studied Politics and Law at the University of Abaco, Abaco City in 2006. As per mandatory military training, James went to the Grand Abaco Coast Guard and enlisted for six years when he left as a lieutenant to pursue his dreams of politics. While campaigning for presidency, he was still in the Coast Guard only two months before his inauguration.

James enlisted in the Coast Guard after graduating from the UoA in 2006 and was accompanied by his future wife and many friends he had made along the way. In 2010, James was awarded the Coast Guard Medal, for distinguishing himself by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy, through the recovery of North American Airlines Flight 754, and the selflessness he displayed during the sinking of the M.S. Harbor Sound, by going on board a sinking vessel and saving 42 civilians without any order or command to do so.

While in 2004, at UoA, he met Diana Hubert, who was studying astrophysics. Not long after, they began to date although military conscription hindered multiple date nights. In 2008, James proposed to Diana, whom was also in the Coast Guard and they married in February of 2009. While on their off time, they would scout future homes and decided on one in East Port, East Grand Bahama. By 2010, they already bought their dream house and were expecting a newborn. Unbenounced to them until getting an ultrasound, they had twins.

Whilst 2011 rolled by, James still in the Coast Guard, but he was campaigning for his presidency when he was dismissed from training early. Although he arrived late on more then a few occasions, he was beloved by the populous. As the ballots were cast, Walker was the leader by a good margin. Only weeks before he was to be inaugurated into office, he left the Coast Guard. He was the rank of lieutenant during his leave.

Walker started his term on August 20th of 2012 with Juan Sannity as vice president. He was reelected with Juan Sannity again as vice president in 2016.

On July 23rd of 2019, President Walker was shot in the chest while on his way to the Capital Building by an Oslandian national. As the gunman fled, Walker was taken to Freeport Medical Center and he undertook an eight hour operation extracting the bullet, and stopping the internal bleeding. The gunman had entered Grand Abaco by seeking refuge from the Olands Civil War. The gunman, later identified as Andrey Hoavy shot the president with a .22 caliber round from a handgun he hid in his jacket. The president made a full recovery. On August 20, 2020, President Walker ended his terms as president of Grand Abaco.

During Walker's presidency, he has enacted many policies. The most notable are the;

  • Creation of a National System of Defense and Security, 2012 (2012 National Defense Act)
    The creation of the GRAND system and a national defense security plan in case of war. The act allows the Grand Abacoan government to partner and create new systems for the civil and national defense of any attack upon Grand Abaco whether it be naval, aerial, nuclear, or intercontinental. The act also established multiple other projects, including Operation Sky Shelter, and Project Last Stand. Although many of them are classified, they have been sourced from the creation of the act.

  • Establishment of a Space agency, 2014 (Grand Abaco Space Act)
    The establishment of a Grand Abacoan space agency to create an international communications presence and to establish a possible national defense system through the means of space or earth orbit. This act created the Grand Abacoan Space Agency which has started testing spaceflight since mid-2019.

  • Amending the National System of Defense and Security, 2017 (2017 National Defense Act)
    The establishment multiple programs and the amending of the 2014 act. This act created the Vault initiative, and the private contracting of The Shelter Co. to create 250 vaults throughout Grand Abaco, and a new 500 vaults for Ardens. The vaults are supposed to but yet to have been tested to withstand a direct or near direct hit by nuclear arms, but have been tested and confirmed to protect the residence from natural disasters which include but do not limit to hurricanes, earthquakes, sinkholes, fires, tornadoes, tsunamis, and landslides.

  • Ardens Statehood 2020 (Ardens Integration Act)

    The Ardens Inclusion Act which officially made the island of Ardens a state of Grand Abaco from the former territory. This one deal has multiplied Grand Abaco's population by almost 12, bringing it up to over 38 million. The act was voted on by a 70/7 majority. The act also created a new state, consisting of Ardens, 3 Commonwealths, and 8 new counties from the previous districts of the former territory.

  • Amending the Number of seats in Congress & Amending the Term Limit 2020 (The 19th and 20th Amendments)

    The second of the three landmark bills is the Increasing of Congress Bill. This bill will establish 69 new members of the House and 24 new members of the Senate. In total, 93 new members have been added to the Congress. This is expected to appease many Ardensians whom were seeking more representation in the Grand Abacoan government.

    The last of the three landmark bills is the Shorter Term Act. President Walker was opposed to the long rule of the presidents from the start of his campaign. Finally, after years of work, Walker signed the bill to shorten the term length. This bill does not change the two term limit. In this bill, the first term of a president has to be 4 years long. If the incumbent president runs again, they are limited to two years in office. A maximum of 6 years in office of president is available.

Political Opinions
Walker is a patriotic conservative, and a civic nationalist. He believes that the Grand Abacoan Constitution should be upheld, protecting the citizens and peoples of Grand Abaco.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Free market, capitalism, democracy, patriotic, women's rights, human rights, gun rights

  • Neutral: Biotechnology, religion

  • Anti: Theocracy, pseudoscience, genetic engineering, communism, socialism

Five Dimensional Political Compass
Objectivist Libertarian Interventionist Humanist Traditionalist
Collectivism score: -100%
Authoritarianism score: -67%
Internationalism score: 33%
Tribalism score: -50%
Liberalism score: -33%

8values Test

Personal Life
Walker has a masters in politics and a bachelor's in law. He has been married to Diana Hubert, whom is a COO at East Port Financial Bank since 2011. They have three children, Clarence (9), Michelle (9), and Joseph (6).

During his college years, Walker got his certificates to fly, and all the way up to fly up to 240 passengers. During Walker's off time, he can occasionally be seen at airports flying for Grand Abaco Airways, mostly regionally in E-195-2s.

As his training was difficult and strenuous, Walker has eased his routine much since his days in the Coast Guard, but he still preforms 2 mile jogs, and a swim across from the Sunset Blvd. Pier to the Presidential estate, a rough 1.4 mile swim every other day. He can sometimes be seen with members of the Coast Guard and the Navy, where the president meets his friends and his instructors to help with daily assignments and tasks for recruits.