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Revolutionary Support Exchange (RoSE)

Revolutionary Support Exchange (RoSE)

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The RoSE program is overseen by Secretary Podria and is designed to engage citizens of The Leftist Assembly in the game mechanic of endorsements. Here are some important definitions to get you started:

  • World Assembly (WA) - An international body of nations like the real-life United Nations; the two bodies in the WA are the General Assembly (makes non-binding laws on all matters from health to schools) and the Security Council (commends and condemns specific nations/regions)

  • Endorsement - World Assembly members are able to give an 'endorsement' to other World Assembly members residing in their region as a virtual 'thumbs-up'; if you're a citizen of our region, then that means you can endorse your fellow comrades in TLA

  • Delegate - The nation with the most endorsements in a region is automatically assigned the position of 'Delegate' to the World Assembly; in TLA, we often use this interchangeably with 'Secretary' as that is the formal title of our leader who is bound by our Constitution to be the Delegate

  • Influence - Influence is a census statistic like any of the other ones you might already have seen (e.g. Civil Rights, Corruption), and it is gained by having a higher number of endorsements

How can I participate?

Getting involved in the RoSE program is a simple three-step process that will reap many benefits for you:

  1. Join the World Assembly

  2. Endorse the Secretary, currently Podria

  3. Endorse every other citizen

We have some handy tools to guide you along each step of the way - just follow the dispatches in this RoSE program series to learn more or ask a question on the Regional Message Board.

Why should I participate?

  • Vote in regional elections and referendums and run for regional government; being a member of the World Assembly is essential for these as it confirms that people aren't operating multiple accounts to gain more power

  • Make a name for yourself; the more nations you endorse, the more Influence you accumulate and the more endorsements you will typically earn in return, allowing for more people to get familiar with you (which might be useful if you run for a position in our regional government!)

  • Give our region a bigger voice on the world stage; each endorsement of our Secretary gives them an extra vote to better represent our interests when voting on World Assembly proposals!

  • Earn special RoSE Awards and engage in friendly competition with your fellow Assemblians on the regularly-updating RoSE statistics page

Important things to remember

  • You can only join the World Assembly with one nation at a time; if you join with more than one, you could be banned for a given period of time, restricting the benefits we just previously mentioned above

  • You can not exceed and should not endorse others who are over the endorsement cap - see below for what applies to you (hint: endorse the Secretary to be allowed more endorsements!)

  • There is no shortage of assistance waiting to answer your questions if this is all too confusing for you; ask a question on the Regional Message Board or telegram Secretary Podria - we will be happy to help out!

Endorsement cap

  • The endorsement cap is the maximum number of endorsements you are permitted to have to ensure the security of the Delegacy

  • It is set at 80% of the Secretary's endorsements if you are endorsing them or 20% if you are not

  • The endorsement cap automatically updates daily so keep an eye on this to see what applies to you:


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