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Emissary Report - September 2019

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: September 2019
Population: 1186
Delegate Endorsements: 284

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
Commander-in-Chief: Markanite
Field Commander: Kanta Hame
Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Twobagger, Mingulay Isle
Executive Officers: Hakketomat, Aschente

- Since our last update, Kortexia has stepped down from his role as TO. TITO thanks him for his service.
- Additionally, Mingulay Isle has been promoted to TO.
- Finally, congratulations to our Minister of Immigration Sargon Reman on his promotion to be the 110th Knight of TITO.


The current government of the 10000 Islands is:
-Chief Executive: Markanite
-WA Delegate: Kuriko
-Senior Senator for Himes West: Flemingisa
-Senator for Lyonesse East: The United Royal Islands of Euramathania
-Senator for Blue Canaria North: HumanSanity
-Senator for New Republica South: Aschente
-Minister of Immigration: Sargon Reman
-Minister of Labor: Paffnia
-Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

Election Season
Since our last update, Delegate elections have been held. Former Delegate Kuriko returns to her post after defeating Sargon Reman. Aersoldorf was forced to step down from his post as Senator for Lyonesse East due to real life – the region thanks him for his service. Flemingisa was reelected as Senator for Himes West.

In the most recent round of Senate elections, Tanzoria did not run for re-election to his seat as Blue Canaria North senator. For that election, HumanSanity of MSPP defeated Marxist Germany of TCP. URI of TCP ran unopposed for her old seat as Senator for Lyonesse East. Senior Senator for New Republic South Dominion of Compassion of MSPP lost reelection to Aschente of TCP, a long time TITO contributor making his first foray into regional government.

Legislative Changes

Around the Islands

Role Play
Himes West Senator Flemingisa is working on a forthcoming Quiddich Role Play.

Shelter’s Taco Island
- following the retirement of Mayor Ater Nox, Markanite appointed Louisistan to be the new Mayor of Shelter’s Taco Island. See here:
- Louisistan immediately opened his Mayor’s Mansion. See here:
- Delegate Kuriko was temporarily held by the Taco Island Police Department for a list of offenses. See here:
- A deal was struck between rebel leader Aschente and Mayor Louisistan after a drawn out conflict dating back to Louisistan's appointment as Mayor. See here:
- The mysterious HATE group is beginning to make a mark on Taco Island. Their goals are as of yet unkown. See here:
- SweetHaven and United Royal Islands have started Werewolves #64: Chaos in the Carnival. See here:
- New Mayor Louisistan inducted Ater Nox, the outgoing Mayor, into the Spammer Hall of Fame. See here:

- Paffnia was appointed Cartographer-General by Chief Executive Markanite. See here:
- Paffnia subsequently released the updated XKI Map. See here:
- Paffnia has appointed Free Earthian Yap as the Deputy Cartographer-General to help oversee the integration of the Map with RP. We look forward to seeing their continuing efforts! See here:
- Senator for Lyonesse East United Royal Islands has posted the House Cup, Shield, and Sceptre competition and Prolific Posting Contest for the month of September. Thanks to URI for running it and to Taco Island Charities for funding the Prolific Posting Contest. See here: and
- 10000 Islands participated in N-Day this year as part of the Canopy faction, coming in second place with their many friends. See here:
- Regional Reserve Chairwoman United Royal Islands declared Paffnia the “Account of the Quarter”. Congratulations to Paffnia! See here:
- THX1138 was named a Featured Nation by The Tasmanian Islands! See here:
- In the month of September, Escanaba was our top recruiter, relatively new recruiter THX1138 was our runner up recruiter, and HS and Jabberwocky made substantial contributions. The regional population is up 115 nations over the month of September. Good work to all!
- Escanaba was promoted to Deputy Minister of Immigration by Sargon Reman and Na Kanaka Isles was promoted to Deputy Minister of Education by The Tasmanian Islands
- Some of you are getting new Emissaries shortly! Ammotangadia has been appointed emissary to the Renegade Islands Alliance, The Tasmanian Islands has been appointed emissary to The Union of Democratic States, Ayunli was appointed Ambassador to The Rejected Realms, Marxist Germany was appointed emissary to The Hole to Hide In, THX1138 has been appointed emissary to Europe, Philosophy 115, and the Western Isles, and The Valencian Federation has been appointed emissary to The Coalition of Democratic Nations. Congratulations to all of our new emissaries and I hope everyone gets a chance to mix and mingle. See here:
- The Tasmanian Islands has hired Sargon Reman as a Buddy. See here:
- longtime 10000 Islands contributor and former Delegate Dominion of Compassion announced that he was leaving the region to pursue other interests. We wish him the best of luck in his future pursuits. See here:
- for a more offbeat and upbeat take on recent 10000 Islands news, check out The Mad Surfer on the 10000 Islands forum thanks to Jabberwocky and his team! See here: