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The Democratic Union Regional Guide

The Democratic Union
Guide to the Region

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The Democratic Union

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Welcome to The Democratic Union (TDU)!

If you're reading this guide, you're either considering joining our region, or you've just joined.
First, if you're new to NationStates, then you'd want to check out this Guide on NationStates first. Assuming you know what NationStates is about as a game, let us tell you more about what our region is about and how you can get involved.

Our region has a regional government - that means there's a structure to how our region is run, kind of like a real-life national government. The government is democratic, as established by our Constitution. First of all, like many regions, we don't automatically grant every right to every nation in our region. This is for security against people who want to infiltrate our region and seize power illegally (i.e. against the Constitution). Instead, full rights are only granted to those who hold citizenship, which you can apply for here.

Now, some further explanations on our three branches of government:

This branch essentially operates the region. The President is the Head of State (much like a real world country) and is elected every six months. They have some special authorities, including nominating Justices (more on that later) and the Prime Minister (though this is based on the consensus of Parliament). The President must be a WA nation, as the office is tied to the WA Delegate, meaning all WA members are required to endorse the President. However, most executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister, who must be a member of Parliament. The Prime Minister can appoint executive government officials to assist with the work, and currently there are two - the Minister of Internal Affairs/Attorney General and the Minister of Culture and Communications.

The Parliament is the primary legislative body. elected by the citizens. Its elections are based on censuses of World Assembly nations conducted each month. The number of seats are determined based on censuses of World Assembly nations conducted each month. The Speaker handles all administrative affairs in the Senate, such as the voting order of bills and facilitating debate. The Parliament can create laws and amend the Constitution, the supreme law of the region.

The judicial branch interprets the laws and convicts residents for violating these laws. Currently, it only consists of the Supreme Court, which currently has one Justice which is also the Chief Justice. Justices are nominated by the President with advice from a Special Nominations Committee. More Justices will be added when the region grows in numbers.

So you know how the government works, now I'm sure you're asking how to get involved.

Join the World Assembly
You can join the WA by going here, clicking the button "Apply to Join", then follow the instructions. The WA is what most of the gameplay in NationStates is based from, because you can only have one nation in the WA at any time. This ensures all players are equally represented no matter how many nations you have, and by joining it, you will have a voice in inter-regional NationStates politics. When you join, you can vote on World Assembly resolutions and endorse other nations in the region, which increases influence for both the region and your nation individually. The first one you endorse should be our President and World Assembly Delegate, currently Handal Ands (scroll down to the bottom and click the button that says "Endorse Handal Ands"), as it keeping a high endorsement count will ensure outside forces cannot hijack the Delegate position with more endorsements. Feel free to endorse other WA members and many of them will endorse you back to increase your influence further.

Join the Executive Staff
Alternatively, you can join the Government as part of the Executive Staff. Working in the Department will give you vital government experience and prepare you for a great career in government and contribute to the region's growth. The Department is flexible with plenty of opportunities, so you can play to your own strengths. We welcome anyone to apply.

New opportunities in the works
We also have some new plans in the works, such as a military (read how militaries in NationStates work here) to project our power (and have tons of fun doing it), and a roleplay for us to play out the events and people in our nations. If you are interested in either of these, or have any new ideas, feel free to contact a government official - you could leave a lasting impact on our region.

Of course, you could also join in our conversations on the Regional Message Board (RMB) and our LinkDiscord server to get to know everyone better. We also hold some regular polls in the regional page, so watch out for that too.

That's about it! We hope this gives you a good idea on how to get involved in our region. If so, please upvote this (click on up arrow on the top right of the page) so more people can see it. Be sure to also check out the links at the top for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the RMB, and we'll do our best to answer them!