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Granger Monster, Otherwise known as The Millian Monster.

The Granger Monster is a monster that terrorized the town of Millian from June 21st, 1991 to October 13th 1993. This monster was said to be red and the size of two men, two antennas, four arms, slick skin, and has a face filled with teeth tentacles. Some of the powers noticed by people were floatation, levitation, can eat through anything, dextrious, laser eyes, and super strength. The monster smelled of very strong fish and of the toxins being cleaned out of the local river. Made a habbit of leaving slime behind and had a screching shriek that filled the night air. The Granger Monster's start is not as clear cut.

The story starts in the boarded up gold mine. The mine was a seculuded, cave filled place with plenty of structural support. Most of the caves are still dangerous and unexplored, perfect for someone to use. Earlier the monster could've came out of a portal and made its way over for shelter, or was created in the caves. Many globs of goop have been found in the caves simular to the monster, which some think could be of another animal, or just some organic slop made to fool. But every creature has to leave its cave sometime, and the night of June 21st, 1991 seemed to be the perfect night.

The first victims never knew what was comming that night near the abandoned Jackpot Gold Mine. Jerry Mangalove and Davy German were having a picknik around 8 PM when they saw something levitate out of the mine. A shriek was heard that shook the couple to thier core with a tree trunk thrown at them. Luckily the trunk only hit the legs, but still had injuries, the monster was gone soon after. The two were found by hikers in the morning. Thier story didn't catch the towns imagination too much at first. The night of June 23rd would change the thoughts on the then called Millian Monster.

This night of June 23rd was another night in the town center. The whole place was abuzz with conversation on the recent new technologies being implemented and thoughts on what should be left alone. Suddenly, a ear-piercing screech could be heard with breaking glass, loss of hearing, and metal crunching, part of the bridge was broken. Authorities came to the scene with technitions only finding an unusually large chunk of broken bridge in the water. People felt scared as people started to equate the attack two days ago with the current attack, with people gathering weapons just in case. Granger Machlemore was one of the people that saw the event, but instead chuckled alittle and smiled at the situation (making him seen suspicious). All sorts of stories came around as the Millian Monster made the rounds.

A mix of hysteria and truthful sightings would happen overtime. Missing children or animals were labled as killed by the monster. People spent more times indoors to aviod the monster, though sometimes the monster did barge into peoples homes. Maulings seemed to double as people would get scratched up and even killed. Other important sightings include Christmas Day in 1992 where the Millian Monster destroyed the concert hall, September 17th 1991 with 5 scratched up bodies found, April 9th 1993 with Bakes Pass (street) found torn up with claw marks, and Febuary 10th 1992 with a torn up car found on a tall building. Overall, 147 sightings (all together with 47 confirmed and 100 uncomfirmed) and dozens of criminal cases were reported through two years and four months. The worst action was yet to come under the Granger Monster's belt.

The Millian Mass Movement Bridge would be the final target for the monster. October 12th felt colder than normal at the time of year, with the secound to last sighting of the monster at city hall where the mayor was proclaiming the plan to fix the bridge left behind by the old government. One of the middle struts was a serious weakpoint that could wipe out the bridge completly. October 13th had a bad traffic jam due to get off the bridge before the construction began, with many workers comming in to replace old "fixes" in the bridges design. On both ends of the bridge, people could suddenly feel shaking, as something began to smell of bruning metal. In a matter of minutes, lasers cut through the center collum and made the entire bridge fall apart. 40 people lost thier lives while the rest were saved thanks to surrounding ships. The last sighting was Jeffry Mangalove seeing the monster levitate into the Jackpot Gold Mine to do whatever it planed. Xenophobic scientist Granger was found by people in his circle happy to see the MMMB collaspe happen to a people he hated, and thought about ways to get Talitoa down a peg. We may know the monster, but we don't know who or what is behind it.

Several theriories have piled up over the years as to what the creator/act of nature could've got the monster to Millian. The most popular belief is that a creature from Stellar Colonies when Talitoa was "futurizing" came through the demensional portal and mixed with the still dirty river to create the monster. Almost as popular as the portal thoery is the theory that xenophobic scientist Granger Machlemore from a of the Stellar Colonies created the monster inside an old mine to try and weaken Talitoa (The name stuck, but some still call it the Millian Monster). Granger though wasn't much of a biologist or Bioengineer, but he could've payed/allowed the monster into the world. There's even some talk the monster never existed, and that pranksters with incoming confederate technology used the tech. for pranks, that the bridge collaspe was a accident with laser tech. by nearby ships, and the few murders that happened could've been caused by malignant wildlife. Weather the monster existed or not, the Granger Monster is still in the mind of the Millian populace.

The Granger Monster is a popular urban myth around the country. Zoologists and Interdemensional experts still serch for the missing clues and links of the monster. All sorts of media have come to the town to make thier documentories and books for people to read and to buy. The nearby Millian Memorial Bridge has a relief of the monster, in a menacing pose overlooking the town. Most agree the monster existed, since so many wierd cretures have been found in Confederate land. The Granger Monster still stays in peoples minds as one of the most plasable urban legends Talitoa has to offer, and the possibilities of other monsters coming through the portals used everyday.