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Electoral Reform PAC


Democracy is not always the pathway to success in nation states. That has been made clear since the site's founding. However, a sense of republicanism can bring a flourishing period to a region the size of the F.C.N. That begins with the election of the Senate. There are a great many ways the region can approach such a major reform, and that discussion must happen if we are to entice immigration and active growth.

This movement will serve as a home to such an open discussion - for both sides of the issue. We will strive to accomplish the following:

  1. Stoke new ideas on electoral reform within the region.

  2. Seek to expand participation in elections, while also allowing for more offices to be elected by the people.

  3. See the Senate reformed, whether by election or by other means to encourage a renewed sense of dedication and participation.

  4. Spread awareness on the benefits electoral reform can bring to the region today.

We encourage nations from all corners of the region to submit their perspective on the movement in our discord here: LinkElectoral Reform PAC; or by telegram!

We look forward to hearing from each and everyone. Long live the F.C.N.

Founded 8 Oct. 2019 | Conservative Senator Thegoldcoast